Is Mick Carter Die In Eastenders? What Happened After Christmas Day Exit?

mick carter dies

Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer, didn’t have a good Christmas on EastEnders.

Not only did some harsh truths about his new wife, Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks), have to be told to him, but they also had to be shown to him.

As viewers know, the popular character and pub owner tied the knot with Janine last week, even though he is still madly in love with his ex-wife Linda (Kellie Bright).

Janine has spent most of this year trying to turn her boyfriend against his ex-girlfriend, L, so that he won’t go back to her. She does this by making him dislike her.

The schemer has put Linda through hell, and she almost lost her baby daughter Annie because of what her love rival did.

But with help from Shirley (Linda Henry), the shocking truth about Janine’s plans came out over the holiday season. As a result, Mick’s world fell apart.

With everything going wrong at the Vic, which led to dramatic scenes involving a cliffside accident, everyone was wondering what Mick’s future held. Will going up against Janine be his last stand? What happened after that dramatic meeting by the water?

Is Mick Carter Die In Eastenders? What Happened After Christmas Day Exit?

mick carter

After leaving EastEnders on Christmas Day, is Mick Carter dead? Well, Mick Carter’s fate on EastEnders has been left open on purpose.

Mick going missing at sea while attempting to save his true love Linda has the same effect as if he was killed, because his loved ones will believe he is dead.

But soap fans will always know that you can’t say for sure that a character won’t come back until you see their dead body (and even then, it could be written around sometimes!).

We don’t see Mick Carter’s dead body, so Danny Dyer could play Mick again in the future. However, Dyer made sure that Mick had a dramatic death that fit the character.

EastEnders could always bring Mick back in the same way that Neighbours brought back its most famous character, Harold Bishop.

When actor Ian Smith left the show “Neighbours” in 1991, his character, Harold, washed out to sea and was thought to be dead. His true love, Madge, played by Anne Charleston, thought he was lost for good because no body was ever found.

But when Smith came back in 1996, he found out that Harold had survived and been picked up by a trawler. He had lost his memory. Harold and Madge were later reunited, which was a good thing.

Could Mick and Linda get back together again in the future? We can have faith.

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