Are Maude Apatow Dating Lukas Gage? Exploring the Rumors


Iris Apatow has spoken out about rumours surrounding her sister Maude Apatow’s relationship with Lukas Gage, who has been heavily rumoured in the media.

About Maude Apatow

Maude Apatow is a Californian actress who was born on December 15, 1997, in Los Banos, California. Maude gained national attention in 2019 after being cast in the hit HBO television series Euphoria.

Maude appears on the television show as Lexi Howard, and she has received a significant amount of screen time in season two, which is currently airing on Sunday nights. As a result of his previous collaboration with Maude on the film Assassination Nation in 2018, Euphoria creator Sam Levinson wrote the role of Lexi specifically for her.

Maude Apatow’s net worth

Despite the fact that no official figure has been released, various media outlets have reported that Maude Apatow has an estimated net worth of between $20 and $35 million.

Her income as an actress is well-known to be her primary source of earnings. Aside from that, she makes money from brand partnerships and sponsorships.

Is Maude Apatow Dating Lukas Gage?

Given the fact that Maude and Gage were suspected of being in a relationship, it’s no surprise that media outlets were churning out stories about them as well.

One of these headlines was featured on Iris’ Instagram story, which you can see below. ‘Fans believe that [Maude Apatow] and [Lukas Gage] are dating,’ according to the headline.
Iris confirmed the news with a blunt “I can confirm!!” followed by a red heart emoji on her Instagram account.

Maude Apatow Dating Lukas Gage
Maude Apatow Dating Lukas Gage

Iris Apatow has confirmed rumors that Maude Apatow and Lukas Gage are dating (Source: Instagram)

The announcement was made in a low-key manner until it was picked up by the massive gossip platform Deuxmoi, which learned about it from one of their anonymous sources. Second, Deuxmoi posted a screenshot of their source’s information to their Instagram account, only for it to be quickly discovered and shared by Iris herself.

Fans were taken completely by surprise when she re-posted the story from the gossip page with yet another announcement that was completely unexpected. Iris began her caption with a thank you to the gossip page before moving on to express her congratulations to her sister and brother-in-law-to-be.

Fans React

Despite the fact that the news came from a relatively reputable source, netizens have learned their lesson and no longer put all of their eggs in one basket on social media.

They’ve taken the news with a healthy pinch of salt, to put it mildly. “I swear to god Lukas Gage has a girlfriend, and it’s not Maude Apatow, and I’m extremely irritated that people believe that to be the case,” one Twitterati observed.

In spite of this, a significant number of users expressed their delight at receiving the confirmation message. Check out some of their recent posts, which are listed below:

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Maude Apatow & Lukas Gage Dating Exploring Rumors

Based on information obtained by The List, Maude and Gage were first brought to public attention as a potential couple in the summer of 2021.

The duo’s Instagram activity played a role in influencing the public’s perception of them.

Maude was the first to post photos of herself with her alleged boyfriend on social media. More than a few of them featured the two of them cuddling up to each other.

Later, the two were caught flirting with one another in the comments section of their respective Instagram posts, which was later deleted.

Gage reportedly gushes about his alleged girlfriend on a regular basis, at times describing her as “an inspiration” or telling her she’s “so hot,” according to reports.

The exchanges have been far from one-sided, as has been demonstrated.

In a post from February 2022, Maude described Gage as “handsome.” Their loved ones have, on the other hand, responded with heart emojis, implying that this relationship is something of a well-kept secret among them.

Maude portrays the character Lexy on the television show Euphoria, who is the childhood best friend of the show’s main character Rue, who is played by Zendaya.

Season one of the show featured Gage in four episodes, in which he played Tyler, a high school student who was severely bullied by Nate Jacobs, the school’s jock.

The two have been friends since they appeared together in the horror film Assassination Nation, which was also directed by Sam Levinson, the creator of Euphoria.


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