Matt Lucas Weight Loss: How Did Matt Lucas Lose So Much Weight? Reason Behind Matt Lucas’s Weight Loss

Matt Lucas Weight Loss

How did Matt Lucas get rid of so much fat?

Matt Lucas has lost a lot of weight in recent years and now looks slimmer than ever.

Even though he was surrounded by cakes and sweet treats on Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off, the 48-year-old actor and comedian completely changed his body and way of life.

But how did Matt, who has been called “thin-shamed” for the way he looks now, lose so much weight in the past two years?

Here, we look at how the Little Britain actor lost a lot of weight, what made him want to get in shape, and the health problem he had before that was caused by his weight.

Matt Lucas Before & After Photos


Matt Lucas Lockdown Weight Loss

Matt said before that he had lost weight after gaining weight during lockdown.

Last year, when the star was on ITV’s Lorraine, he said that the pandemic was what drove him to get in shape.

Host Lorraine Kelly asked, “How on earth have you lost so much weight? Have you been locked up and working on Bake Off?”

Matt said, “I’ve lost some weight because I needed to calm down after gaining a lot of weight in lockdown.”

“Yes, I have,” Lorraine said. “I think a lot of people have.”

Matt continued, “I just had to do something.

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