Mary Lee Harvey: The Ex-Wife of Steve Harvey Who Accused Him of Cheating and Taking Away Her Fortune and Son

Mary Lee Harvey
Mary Lee Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey is a former make-up artist and author who rose to prominence as Steve Harvey’s second wife, a successful comedian, TV host, and radio personality. Their 17-year marriage ended in a dramatic divorce that sparked a succession of legal fights and accusations.

Mary Lee Harvey said Steve Harvey cheated on her with his current wife, Marjorie, and stole her half of his income as well as their son, Wynton.

She also claimed that Steve Harvey physically and emotionally assaulted her and that he lied about their relationship in his book and media appearances. Everything you need to know about Mary Lee Harvey and her feud with Steve Harvey is right here.

Early Life and Marriage with Steve Harvey

Mary Lee Harvey was born in Texas, USA, in October 1960. She was raised in a large household of ten children, and she had a strained relationship with her father.

Mary Lee Harvey

She met Steve Harvey in 1989 while working as a make-up artist at a mall in Arlington, Texas. Steve Harvey was a failing stand-up comic who had recently divorced his first wife, Marcia, at the time. Mary Lee Harvey married Steve Harvey in 1996 after he achieved fame with his show, The Steve Harvey Show. Wynton, their son, was born in 1997.

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Divorce and Legal Battles

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey divorced in 2005 after they separated in 2003. Mary Lee Harvey claimed Steve Harvey had an affair with Marjorie, whom he married in 2007. The divorce was nasty and contentious.

She also claimed that Steve Harvey abandoned her and seized custody of their kid, Wynton, by bribing the judge and forging paperwork. She claimed that Steve Harvey turned Wynton against her and made it impossible for her to see him.

She also claimed that Steve Harvey was physically and verbally abusive to her and that he lied about their marriage in his book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, and in interviews. In 2017, she filed a $60 million lawsuit against him for mental anguish, child endangerment, torture, kidnapping, breach of contract, and conspiracy. The judge, however, decided that the action lacked merit and dismissed it.

Where is Mary Lee Harvey Today?

Mary Lee Harvey has kept a low profile since her divorce from Steve Harvey. Except for several YouTube videos she posted in 2011, in which she screamed her rage and disgust at Steve Harvey, she has not been in public or in the media.

She later published a book, Men Will Lie When the Truth Will Do: The King, His Queen, and His Other Woman, in which she explained her side of the incident. She currently resides in California and has not shared much information about her current dating status or career.

Wynton, her son, is now 26 years old and a photographer who graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design. He appears to have a close relationship with his father, Steve Harvey, and stepmother, Marjorie, but it is unknown if he communicates with his mother, Mary Lee Harvey.

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