Star Lupe Donovan’s Before and After Photos of Crazy Transformation from “My 600-Lb Life”

Star Lupe Donovan's Before and After
Star Lupe Donovan's Before and After

Fans may recall Lupe Donovan from her appearance in the episode of My 600-Lb Life, a show that follows the experiences of morbidly obese individuals undergoing weight loss surgery. She has now shed 300 pounds, and her before and after pictures are quite remarkable!

Lupe’s face has seen a major alteration, and it is obvious that she has shed a large amount of weight. She must continue to drop weight in order to be accepted for skin removal surgery, which is challenging given that she has become immobile, and she is left with loose skin like other patients who lose hundreds of pounds.


In a television clip, she admitted that her hip pain, which puts her in bed, has been her worst setback in recent months.

Gilbert Donovan, her husband, tried to assist her sit up in bed, stand up with her walker, and exercise, but their marriage has undoubtedly suffered as a result of her health. Even though he tried to be a kind, encouraging spouse, observers could see the couple’s communication breakdown during her subsequent episode.

That appeared to be the beginning of the couple’s demise. I’m in San Antonio with my hubby rekindling our marriage,” Lupe wrote in a May update on her own Facebook page. They have been together for ten years, she said, and they both agreed that it would be a pity to throw it away.

She continued by clarifying a few points from her show that may have come across as unclear, such as Gilbert’s use of a social networking tool to meet women. She explained that she was unhappy since he wasn’t cheating but rather utilising the website behind her back. She acknowledged that their faith had played a part in guiding them back to one another. “We’ve been through a lot, but we sincerely love each other, and with GOD in the middle of our marriage and us keeping strong, we will conquer it all,” Lupe wrote.

Lupa Donovan
Lupe Donovan Before and After

Sadly, on September 24, her spouse revealed that they had decided to call it quits, but there was no animosity. “I’m officially single, that’s what’s on my mind. Lupe and I are best friends for life right now, wishing for things to turn around. Additionally, he claimed that she had a new “homey” as of October 26; however, she has yet to confirm this and has set her Facebook profile to private.

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