Why Are There Rumors Among Fans That Lewis Hamilton May Face Jail Time?

Rumors can spread like wildfire in the F1 world. The latest one is about Lewis Hamilton. The word on the street is that Lewis Hamilton might end up in prison. There has been no official confirmation of this. Even so, fans think it might be because he drove a GT-R34 in Japan over the speed limit on video.

Lewis Hamilton drove a Nissan Skyline GT-R34 in Japan after a lacklustre 2022 season with Mercedes. He put a video of the same thing on his Instagram account. The video shows the Brit driving around the city at high speeds, drifting, and spinning the car.

Since this car was rented, the company that rented it has responded to Hamilton’s video on Twitter.

“This is a car from Omoshiro Rental, but this video was taken without our permission,” they said. “This way of driving is against the law.”

Even though Hamilton may have broken the law by driving too fast, the rumours that he is going to jail are not true.

Even though there is no official confirmation from the Japanese government or anyone else that Lewis Hamilton has been arrested, fans have responded to the rumors.

Fans React To Rumors Of Lewis Hamilton Going To Jail

As usual, fans are talking about this crazy rumour and making fun of it. Aside from the sarcasm, most people know that these claims are false and have responded in the same way.

Even if a driver does a donut without permission, the FA doesn’t think it’s dangerous. But if Hamilton has done donuts with a Nissan Skyline, the Japanese government might have to decide.

Even though it would be very kind of Hamilton to give up his seat for Mick Schumacher, he knows that the German is good enough to get a spot somewhere else.

Fans know that Hamilton will tell them if he is going to get into trouble. As a seven-time world champion, he knows what he needs to do.

People joke about these stories, and it’s fun to chat with them. But it might be a bit unreasonable to say that an international athlete is going to jail when there is no proof of that.

As the F1 season ends, fans will hope that Lewis Hamilton doesn’t get involved in these kinds of legal issues. But what do you think “The Brit” will do in the next season?

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