Les Dawson Comedian & Actor, Died At The Age Of 62: What’s The Cause Of His Death And Know More About His Wife And Children!

Les Dawson Death
Les Dawson Death

On February 2, 1931, Les Dawson was born in Collyhurst, Manchester. Before he became well-known, he held jobs at the Manchester Co-post op’s office and even as a reporter for the Bury Times. The comedian also enjoyed poetry, and during his career in celebrity, he kept his writings to himself. Being from the working class, it was not typical for him to aspire to be a writer, at least not in those days.

Les allegedly played the piano in a Parisian brothel, according to his biography; this was before making his television debut on Opportunity Knocks in 1967, which helped begin his career. On Opportunity Knocks, Roy Barrablough and Les played old women who were essentially historically accurate characters with added theatrical elements. Les hosted a number of TV programmes, including Sez Les, The Dawson Watch, and The Les Dawson Show in the 1970s and 1980s, in addition to hosting Listen to Les on BBC Radio 2.

What’s The Cause Of Les Dawsons’ Death?

On June 10, 1993, Les Dawson passed away. With his wife Tracy, he was going to a hospital in Manchester for a standard medical checkup. He regrettably passed suddenly after having a serious heart attack as he was waiting for the findings.

Les Dawson’s Wife and Family

Over the course of his life, Les was married twice. Les Dawson was married to Margaret Dawson from 1960 until her death on April 15, 1986, from cancer.

Together, they had three kids: Julie, Pamela, and Stuart. Les and Tracy were married three years later, and they remained together until Les’ passing. Charlotte, who was born on October 3, 1992, was their only child.

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