Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Is Kirsten Storms ‘Maxie’ On General Hospital Pregnant Again In 2022? Fans Rumored!

Kirsten Storm Weight Gain

Is Kirsten Storm Pregnant?

It’s been reported that Kirsten Storms, who already has a child, is pregnant again. Harper Rose is the name of her daughter. When they noticed that she had gained some weight, fans started spreading these stories online.

But she isn’t actually pregnant, thus this isn’t accurate. On the television programme “General Hospital,” she is just expecting. She gave birth to her first and only kid in January 2014.

In order to make it obvious that she is not expecting a second kid, the actress remarked, “If you wouldn’t say it to someone on the street, don’t tell it on the internet.”

After divorcing Brandon Barash, she is presently dating singer Elias Paul Reidy. People believed that she and the musical icon were parents. Whatever the case, these rumours have since been disproven.

How Does Kirsten Storm Gain So Much Weight

For her part as a pregnant mother on General Hospital, Kirsten Storms gained considerable weight. She plays Maxie in the 58th season of the programme.

The actress may have appeared a little bit chubby on television. However, she hasn’t really put on much weight. Her attire and fictitious pregnancy tummy have a significant impact on how she appears on stage. Storms stands approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 57 kilograms. She has light complexion, blonde hair, and green eyes. Kristen Renee Storms is her whole name.

The actress underwent brain surgery in 2021. She underwent surgery to remove a cyst; she did not have cancer. Right now, Kirsten is healthy and free of any diseases.

Reason Behind Kirsten Storms’ Divorce

After thereafter, the pair resumed keeping their marriage somewhat under wraps, so we learned nothing else about it until they made another significant announcement to the public in 2016. But this time, the news the couple was imparting was not good. On April 6, Kirsten Storms made the vague claim that she and her spouse Brandon Barash, 36, had irreconcilable differences as the basis for their divorce.

To us outsiders, it appears that their marriage had a limited lifespan, but it appears that the pair made a concerted effort to preserve it for as long as they could, even if it meant taking drastic measures like counselling. Nevertheless, they failed to make their union work.

Despite going through a divorce, it appears like the decision to end the marriage was consensual and for the best. The pair shows that they meant it when they promised their kid that they would be good co-parents.

Even after their divorce, which is a highly uncommon occurrence, they remain close friends. They spend a lot of time together as a family. Brandon, her ex-husband, even visited her during the covid lockdown. Their daughter received a haircut from him, and Kirsten was so thrilled that she agreed to get her own hair cut by him. He gave his ex-wife a “Flinstone hairdo” and was a remarkably skilled barber.

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