Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Is Kirsten Storms ‘Maxie’ On General Hospital Pregnant Again? Fans Rumored!

Kirsten Storm Weight Gain
Kirsten Storm Weight Gain

There will always be a sizable ensemble on soap operas like General Hospital, but some characters will always stand out more than others. The cast members who have been around the longest, like Kirsten Storms, tend to acquire the most fans. The dedication Kirsten Storm has shown to the character of Maxie Jones, which she has faithfully played since the beginning of 2005, has earned her all the praise and fame.

Figure out if she is married and if she has kids. Has she found a partner? Is she expecting? What caused her weight increase, and why? All of your queries have been answered below, just a few lines away.

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Are Kirsten Storms Pregnant?

Let’s avoid going around in circles and respond to your question immediately. Storms are not expecting a child. So how does a story like that even start to spread in the first place? Well, there are all sorts of rumors about celebrities. The misunderstanding was perhaps due to her character, Maxie Jones, who was also pregnant around the same time back in 2018.

What is her current weight after weight gain?

Even as we write this article, Kirsten Storms is the subject of pregnancy rumors due to her weight increase. Since her early years with General Hospital in the character of Maxie Jones, Kirsten Storms has undoubtedly gained a little weight, as many of her fans may already be aware. In order to be clear, we first want to say that her weight increase has nothing to do with being pregnant and that no one else should be concerned about it but her.

Nevertheless, one supporter felt justified in criticizing her weight in one of her Instagram photos. A comment that has since been deleted claimed that Kirsten posted an old picture because she appeared thin in it and that she has since gained a significant amount of weight. Kirsten made sure to call the supporter out for her offensive viewpoint.

img src: Instagram

As she penned the response, she expressed her thoughts to her fan in full;

I’ve gained a lot of weight since this afternoon when I took this picture. Look, I know what she was saying with her comment. Details about my health and medical conditions are nobody’s business, so I won’t go into my temporary weight gain to satisfy anyone’s thirst.

She continued, “However, I will say that it’s sad to see some people focus only on the status of my body (and when focusing on weight it is never meant in a positive way. ‘Losing’ or ‘gaining’ — it’s a judgement and it’s shameful). I’m healthy and I feel good — at any size, which is what matters to me the most. Comments with a snarky undertone only make me feel sad for the person who typed it and I truly hope their life sucks less tomorrow.”

The wiki entries for Kirsten Storm indicate that she weighs 53 kg or 126 lbs. We have no way of knowing if that is her current or recent weight, so we are unable to provide you with a precise estimate of her weight gain.

Details Of Kristen Storms (Maxie Jones)

Name Kristen Storms
Character Name Maxie Jones
Birth Date October 31, 1990
Parents Name Karen Storms and Mike
Series Name General Hospital
Profession Actress

Kirsten Storms as Maxie Jones: Marital life and children with husband

Although Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jone) was married, her marriage and divorce happened so quickly that few people knew about it. Her husband was none other than her erstwhile GH co-star Brandon Barash, so it wasn’t us General Hospital fans. From 2007 to 2016, Barash played the part of John Zacchara. Although John Zacchara and Maxie Jones did not interact in the series, it appears that their real-life selves did.

It makes sense why so few people today can recall them. They were discreetly dating. They weren’t widely known until early 2013 when they eventually made their love lives public. Looking back, it appears that they may have only done so because they knew they would eventually have to divulge it since, in August 2013, they would disclose two more unexpected facts about their relationship.

First of all, they inform us that they were discreetly married months earlier, in June 2013. They also disclose that they have another piece of happy news: Kirsten Storms was expecting a baby girl in January 2014.

The couple’s first and only child, Harper Rose Barsh, was delivered on January 7, 2014, as predicted. She will reach eight at the beginning of 2021, having just turned seven years old. Harper, Kirsten’s daughter, enjoys dancing and is presently enrolled in ballerina training.

Reason Behind Kirsten Storms’ Divorce

First, they inform us that their private wedding took place months earlier, in June 2013. In addition, they disclose that they have one more happy development: Kirsten Storms was expecting a baby daughter in January 2014.

Harper Rose Barsh was born on January 7, 2014, and the pair would soon become parents to her. In 2021, she will be seven years old, and at the start of the following year, she will turn eight. Harper likes to dance and is currently enrolled in ballerina training. Kirsten is her mother.

“We are splitting due to the cliché irreconcilable differences, but we’re splitting amicably,” Brandon Barash statement to Soap Opera Digestread. “We have every intention of remaining a family through this and successfully co-parenting our kid and retaining a friendship in the efforts of raising her in a healthy environment.”

“This was not a hasty decision; a lot of thought and therapy went into this. We went to therapy for a long time, trying to figure out how to communicate better with each other. It’s not anything that we dislike about each other.”

To us outsiders, it appears that their marriage had a limited lifespan. Still, it appears that the pair made a concerted effort to preserve it for as long as possible, even if it meant taking drastic measures like therapy. Nevertheless, they failed to make their union work.

Despite going through a divorce, it appears that the choice to end the marriage was mutual and for the best. The couple shows they meant it when they promised their daughter they would be excellent co-parents.

Even after their split, which is a very uncommon occurrence, they remain close friends. They spend a lot of time together as a family. Brandon, her ex-husband, even visited her during the covid confinement. Their daughter received a haircut from him, and Kirsten was so pleased that she agreed to have her own hair cut by him. He gave his ex-wife a “Flinstone hairdo” and was a remarkably skilled barber.

On Father’s Day, Kirsten made sure to thank Brandon for being a wonderful parent to their daughter by posting the following:

Facts About Kirsten Storms

  • Being an actress for a soap drama was something Kirsten Storms was very particular about. She appeared in numerous commercials and other minor roles, but she informed her agent that she preferred appearing in soap operas.
  • She requested that her folks go to acting lessons. She was urged to enroll in a rigorous acting camp in New York when a talent scout first noticed her at age 5.
  • The height of Kirsten Storms is 5 feet 3 inches, or 1.6 meters.
    The California highway police also observed Kirsten throwing a lit cigarette out the window as she was being pulled over for DUI in 2007. She enters a guilty plea in court, agreeing to a $1,643 fee and a 90-day program.
  • Additionally, his license was suspended for six months, and she was placed on three years of probation.
  • The 37-year-social old’s media images indicate that she enjoys knitting.

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