Kathy Ambush: The Life and Career of Clarence Thomas’s First Wife

Kathy Ambush
Kathy Ambush

Kathy Ambush, the ex-wife of renowned US lawyer and judge Clarence Thomas, has kept a low profile since their divorce nearly four decades ago.

While her path is not publicly known, it is an intriguing component of her link to Clarence Thomas, who has become a notable figure. Let us look at Kathy Ambush’s life and see what has happened following her divorce from Clarence Thomas.

Early Life and Education

Kathy Ambush was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on June 6, 1950. She is the daughter of dental technician Nelson Ambush and Japanese-American woman Shigao Gladys Sato, who was incarcerated during WWII.

Stephen, Benjamin, Karen, and June are her four siblings. Kathy attended Marian Central Catholic High School in Worcester, where she met Clarence Thomas, one of the school’s few black students.

They began dating in their senior year and remained together throughout college. Kathy earned a business administration degree from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, while Thomas earned a degree from the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts.

Marriage and Divorce

Kathy and Thomas married on June 5, 1971, at Worcester’s All Saints Episcopal Church. They relocated to New Haven, Connecticut, so Thomas could attend Yale Law School. In 1973, they had a son, Jamal Adeen Thomas.

However, their marriage began to disintegrate as Thomas pursued his law profession and grew interested in conservative politics. Kathy, who was more liberal and independent, felt isolated and dissatisfied. She also battled despair and alcoholism. They divorced in 1984 after splitting up in 1981.

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Career and Volunteer Work

Kathy relocated to Richmond, Virginia, after her divorce, where she worked as a marketing manager for a healthcare company. In 1986, she remarried businessman Douglas Allen Smith.

Kathy has participated in a variety of volunteer and charitable initiatives. She has previously served on the boards of the Richmond Ballet, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the Virginia Opera. She has also donated to organizations that promote breast cancer awareness, animal welfare, and environmental protection.

Relationship with Clarence Thomas

After their divorce, Kathy and Thomas maintained a friendly connection. They have shared custody of Jamal, their son, who is now a lawyer and singer.

Kathy has also attended some of Thomas’ public engagements, including his Supreme Court swearing-in ceremony in 1991 and his 25th-anniversary party in 2016.

Kathy Ambush
Kathy Ambush

Anita Hill, a former coworker, accused Thomas of sexual harassment during his contentious confirmation hearings in 1991. Kathy has not made any public comments on the matter. She has also remained silent regarding Thomas’ present marriage to Virginia Lamp Thomas, a conservative activist and attorney whom he married in 1987.

Body Measurements

When it comes to Kathy Ambush’s body measurements, she stands at 5 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 56 kilograms.

Kathy Ambush Net Worth 2023

Kathy Ambush is a famous American ex-wife. She was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the United States of America on June 6, 1950. Her net worth is predicted to be $2 million as of November 2023.

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