Did Karlie Redd has Undergone Plastic Surgery? Karlie Redd Responds To Plastic Surgery Rumors

karlie redd plastic surgery
karlie redd plastic surgery

Karlie Redd, who is on “Love & Hip Hop,” is causing worry after a photo of her that looks different from what her fans are used to went viral online. Since then, many people who don’t like the reality star’s new look have taken to social media to say mean things about it. But the TV star reassured her fans that it was just a few lip injections and that she hadn’t had any other cosmetic work done.

People on social media were shocked when they saw a picture of Karlie with bigger lips and higher cheekbones. One Twitter user wrote next to a side-by-side photo collage of Karlie, “She ruined herself completely.”

Soon, the 48-year-old found out about the online talk and responded to the hurtful comments in a video that 9MagTV recorded. “Let’s talk makeup. Let’s get down to business. “You know because everyone’s talking about my face,” she says at 2:19, when her makeup artist, Tim, is putting on her makeup.

She also said, “Let’s be honest. I got lip injections, and Tim is always telling me to stop doing whatever it is I’m doing. So, I’m going to stop because everyone is always talking trash about my face.”

Karlie said that she has only had injections in her lips. She went on, “That’s all I’ve got on my face.” “I haven’t had surgery, but I always have Tim do my makeup with my eyes tilted. The star said, “That’s what I do best; make my eyes roll.”

“I wouldn’t get my lips done,” the reality star told the audience. I had lip fillers put into them,” She also denied that she had work done on her nose to make it look better. “I’ve always had a straight nose. “If you look at my daughter’s nose, you’ll see that we all have straight noses,” she said.

Several people weren’t convinced, including one YouTube user who said, “Girlfriend definitely got her face done….” They also said, “That’s not even the problem. What’s strange is that you’re denying it!” Like you did something wrong! It’s your cash! “All that matters is that you’re happy.”

Even though there were still a lot of negative comments, many people asked for understanding. One supporter wrote, “She’s still so beautiful, but it’s sad what society has done to make us chase youth. There is nothing wrong with getting older in a healthy way. SMH”

Another person said, “You guys aren’t ready to have a real conversation about this. Have some humility, all you people who are judging her and women like her.”

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