John Fetterman Tattoos Pictures: John Fetterman Tells The Story Behind His Tattoos

John Fetterman Tattoos
John Fetterman Tattoos

Few politicians have run campaigns as different as John Fetterman. Fetterman is the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Pennsylvania. He has had a lot of fun calling his opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, different names, like “not from Pennsylvania.” Fetterman is a pretty unusual candidate, though, because of how he dresses and how big he is.

What Do The Tattoos On John Fetterman Mean?

Fetterman is particularly distinctive in that each of his forearms is covered in conspicuous tattoos. According to a blog post he wrote in 2021, these tattoos have a special significance for him. Each arm bears a series of numbers, but it turns out that these numbers represent his fifteen-year devotion to the town of Braddock as its mayor.

“The zip code 15104 is tattooed on my left arm,” Fetterman stated in a blog post. “This is Braddock, Pennsylvania, where I was honored to serve as mayor for fifteen years. My wife Gisele and I are raising our children in Braddock, directly across the street from the original steel plant built by Andrew Carnegie.” Even more surprising are the tattoos on the opposite arm, which represent a succession of dates.

“I have several dates tattooed on my right arm,” he said. “These are the dates on which violent deaths occurred in Braddock during my tenure as mayor, beginning in 2005. Seven of nine deaths included firearms. I actually need to add one more date, since another awful loss of life occurred in June of 2018.”

Fetterman continued his blog post by describing the first fatality he had to deal with, which occurred immediately after he was sworn in. Two weeks after he assumed office, a pizza delivery driver was tragically shot just two weeks after the new president took office.

“Every time Braddock lost a loved one, he felt the worst pain imaginable,” he wrote. “In a close-knit village such as Braddock, with a population of approximately 2,000, it is possible that you know the victim and their family. As mayor, it is an extraordinarily difficult and personal experience, but it pales in comparison to what the families must through.”

What Is John Fetterman’s Current Health Status?

In light of the fact that he had a stroke and was absent from the campaign trail for several weeks while recovering, Fetterman and his team have managed to conduct a remarkable campaign. According to Fetterman’s staff, he is in good health, but the lasting effects of his stroke have hindered his capacity to debate.

The Washington Post was told by Fetterman’s team that they are attempting to determine what a fair discussion would entail in light of the residual effects of auditory processing. “To be clear, his occasional difficulties with auditory processing have no influence on his ability to perform his duties as a senator. John is physically fit and capable of showing up and completing the task.”

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