Did Joan Rivers Know She Was Going To Die During Routine Plastic Surgery?

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery
Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery

Joan Rivers was a comedian, actress, director, writer, and TV host from the United States. She was known for her blunt, often controversial, self-deprecating, and biting sense of humor, especially concerning celebs and politicians, which she delivered with her trademark New York accent. She was one of the first women in comedy.

She was known for always changing her face and making jokes about it. Joan Rivers’s daughter has come clean about how often her mother had surgery.

In this article, you can get all the details about Joan Rivers’s plastic surgery and how the comedian died due to plastic surgery.

What Happened To Joan Rivers During Plastic Surgery?

COMEDIAN Joan Rivers was known for changing her face all the time, but now it has been found out how many times she had plastic surgery.

He was 81 years old when he died in September 2014. Melissa, her daughter, wrote a book about her life called The Book of Joan: Tales of Fun, Mischief, and Manipulation.

Joan River

In it, she says that Joan had 348 cosmetic surgeries over the course of her life and was never happy with how she looked, which made her feel “less than.”

Joan made fun of famous people in her stand-up acts, but her daughter writes that she also liked to make fun of herself.

She liked making fat jokes the most and often reminded people that she was a very fat kid.

Curious Facts about Joan River Death

Here are some details we have gathered from social media about the tragic de@th of JoanRiver:

Melissa River tweeted on Oct 17, 2014: “In response to NYC’s Medical examiner’s report, we continue to be saddened by our tragic loss. No further comment at this time.”

While sharing a Twitter post, Stew Peters said,  “Did Joan Rivers know she was going to die during a routine plastic surgery procedure just after exposing “Michelle” Obama?”

BGKaster, a Twitter user replied to Stew Peters that “It wasn’t a cosmetic surgery. It was an endoscopy.”

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