Iyanna Mcneely And Jarrette Jones From “Love Is Blind” Are Getting Divorced

Iyanna Mcneely And Jarrette Jones

The former couple declared in a joint statement that “making this decision was far from simple.

Fans of Love Is Blind are having a sad day.

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones, a pair from season 2, have separated. The two reality stars revealed the news in a joint Instagram post on Wednesday, saying they “shall start the process of divorcing” after giving it “much contemplation.”

“What’s happening, family? We’re sorry to announce that we have separated and will start the divorce process after giving it great deliberation “the declaration started. “While we are in love with one another, it’s good if our lives are taking different turns.”

Despite the fact that “making this decision was far from simple,” McNeely and Jones declared that they will “always wish each other the very best.”

Iyanna Mcneely And Jarrette Jones Love Is Blind

They added, “We hope you everyone will allow us some room as we finish this chapter of our lives. “We are grateful to our close friends and family for supporting us both throughout this difficult time. Thank you to Netflix and the Love Is Blind family for providing this once-in-a-lifetime chance. Each of you has filled our lives with unbounded love and delight.”

They concluded the statement by writing: “We have learned so much about ourselves, vulnerability, and love from this experience. We have no regrets at all!”

On the second season of the Netflix blockbuster, which debuted earlier this year, McNeely and Jones connected through the pods. Jones also became interested in Mallory Zapata, but he ultimately decided on McNeely, and the two were engaged.

Although they eventually made it down the aisle, there were a few hiccups on the road to their wedding. The two Chicago natives were concerned that their different lives might clash but ultimately decided to make accommodations to make their relationship work.

McNeely and Jones revealed their future intentions to PEOPLE after the conclusion and reunion special aired.

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Traveling is the first item on our itinerary since we had talked so much about it in the pod about how we really wanted to see the world before getting married and starting a family, Jones said in March. Just so we can enjoy our time together as a married couple out in public without any restrictions or bars.

As McNeely added, “We need to go. I suppose I particularly want to move. He is willing to change. Chicago is not where I want to live. This place is very cold. I am unable to accomplish this at this time. I’m not capable of doing it.”

So, Jones continued, “the schedule is… deciding where we’re going to settle, getting her back in school.” “We’ll start having children after she graduates from school or is nearly done. two decades”

Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton (season 1); Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett (season 1); and Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson (season 1) are the three remaining Love Is Blind success stories (season 2).

Love Is Blind’s first two seasons are currently available on Netflix to stream

Some FAQs About Iyanna Mcneely And Jarrette Jones

Iyanna and Jarrett remain a couple.

Jarrette and Iyanna have chosen to get divorced.
“Even though we are in love with one another, it’s alright that our lives are taking separate turns. We will always wish each other the best. Coming to this choice was far from simple,” they both wrote on Instagram in August 2022.

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