Is Tina Turner Still Alive Or Dead? Let’s Explore Here!

is tina turner still alive

If you don’t know if she’s still alive or dead, you can find out in this article. Tina Turner is a music legend, no doubt about it. Recently, many people have been trying to find out if she is still alive or if she has died. Read below to find out if Tina Turner is still alive or not.

Do You Know Tina Turner?

Tina Turner is an American-born Swiss singer and actress who was born Anna Mae Bullock on November 26, 1939. Tina Turner was born in the United States, but she is Swiss and sings and acts. Turner started out when she joined Ike Turner’s Kings of Rhythm in 1957.

Under the name Little Ann, she made her first record in 1958. The word for it was “box top.” She rose to fame as the lead singer of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue before starting a successful career as a solo artist. She is often called the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Is Tina Turner Still Alive Or Dead?

Even though Tina has health problems, she is still alive. She had a stroke and was told she had colon cancer after getting married to Erwin Bach. Turner’s 2018 book, “My Love Story,” was about the diseases that could kill her.

She got married to Erwin Bach in 2013. Three weeks later, she had a stroke and had to retrain her legs to walk. She found out she had cancer of the intestines in 2016. Turner took homoeopathic medicines for her high blood pressure, which hurt her kidneys and led to their failure in the end.

She wasn’t likely to get a new kidney, so she was told to start dialysis. She joined Exit and was thinking about getting help to kill herself, but Bach offered to give her a kidney for a transplant instead. On April 7, 2017, Turner had surgery to get a new kidney.

Where Is Tina Turner Now?

Tina Turner was born in Brownsville, Tennessee, on November 26, 1939. She is now 82 years old. She lives in Switzerland with her German husband, music executive Erwin Bach. They have been together for more than 25 years and got married in 2013.

Since the 1990s, the couple has lived in Switzerland, but Turner only became a Swiss citizen in 2013, after she gave up her American citizenship.

Latest News About Tina Turner!

It has been found out why Ronnie Turner, Tina Turner’s son, died. According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner, the musician, who was 62, died on Thursday from complications of metastatic colon cancer. Read more about the death of Tine Turner’s son.

Ronnie’s case file also said that he had atherosclerosis, which is a heart disease that causes the arteries to thicken and harden. It was written down that he died on a “sidewalk.” Tina Turner, who is 83 years old, wrote a heartfelt tribute to her son on social media after he died.

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