Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant? A Heartwarming Instagram Surprise

Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant
Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant

Thembisa Nxumalo, originally known as Thembisa Mdoda, is a well-known South African television personality and actress with a varied career in show business. She was born in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, South Africa, and attended the University of the Witwatersrand, where she obtained a degree in Graphic Design.

Thembisa has received acclaim for her numerous talents, which include presenting television shows, playing characters in various positions, and even competing in dancing competitions. To get more about Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant in 2023, continue reading.

Is Thembisa Mdoda Pregnant?

Yes, Thembisa Mdoda revealed her pregnancy on Instagram in 2023. She expressed her joy at the impending addition to her family to her husband, Eric Nxumalo, whom she married in 2020.

Thembisa said that she is having a baby boy and joked about requiring a bigger car and a lot more diapers. She also thanked her close friend, Nomsa Madida, for her support during this difficult time.

Who is the husband of Thembisa Mdoda?

Eric Nxumalo is Thembisa Mdoda’s husband, and the couple married in 2020. It’s worth remembering that before marrying Eric, she was previously married to Atandwa Kani, with whom she had twin boys. Thembisa’s personal life has sparked public curiosity, but she continues to thrive in the entertainment sector.

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Thembisa Mdoda’s Announcement of Her Pregnancy

Thembisa Mdoda cheerfully announced her pregnancy to her fans. The South African actress and TV personality announced the news on Instagram, expressing her enthusiasm for a new addition to her family. She said she didn’t make big announcements, but she couldn’t contain her happiness and spilt her secret.

Thembisa joked about needing a bigger car and lots of diapers with the hashtag #ItsABoy. Her Instagram post also thanked her close friend Nomsa Madida for her support and affection during this memorable moment. Fans and celebrities congratulated Thembisa on her pregnancy announcement, a touching time in her journey.

How Old is Thembisa Mdoda?

Thembisa Mdoda was born on November 16, 1982, and will be 40 years old in 2023. She has had a huge impact on the South African entertainment scene over the years. Her age reflects the expertise and variety she has given to her duties as a television personality, actress, and show host. Despite the obstacles and changes in her personal life, Thembisa’s career has flourished, making her a well-known personality in the entertainment industry.

Thembisa Mdoda Twins

From her former marriage to Atandwa Kani, Thembisa Mdoda had two twin boys. Because of the issues surrounding their paternity, this area of her personal life has received a lot of media attention. Following suspicions of infidelity, a DNA test was performed, which revealed that Atandwa Kani was not the biological father of the twins.

This revelation complicated Thembisa’s personal journey, but she has faced these problems with grace and tenacity. Despite her life’s ups and downs, Thembisa’s dedication to her job and ability to adapt to changing circumstances have earned her a respected and powerful position in South Africa’s entertainment business.

Thembisa Mdoda’s Career

Thembisa Mdoda’s career in the entertainment business demonstrates her versatility and brilliance. Her career began as a newsreader on Wits radio before she moved into the entertainment industry. She rose to prominence as the host of the famous reality television show “Our Perfect Wedding,” where her charm and hosting abilities won her fans.

Thembisa’s acting abilities have been showcased in a variety of productions, including “The Road” and “House of Zwide,” where she has played a variety of characters. In addition to hosting and acting, she demonstrated her dance ability when she competed in “Dancing with the Stars SA.”

Thembisa has also broadened her horizons by hosting television game shows and radio shows such as the “Weekend Breakfast Show” on Metro FM. Her diverse career path illustrates her adaptability and dedication to the trade, gaining her acclaim and admiration in the South African entertainment industry.


1. Who is Thembisa Mdoda?

Thembisa Nxumalo, formerly known as Thembisa Mdoda, is a well-known South African television personality and actress with a diverse career in the entertainment industry.

2. How many Safta awards has Thembisa Mdoda won?

Thembisa Mdoda has won three Safta awards.

3. What was Thembisa Mdoda’s educational background?

Thembisa Mdoda attended the University of the Witwatersrand and earned a degree in Graphic Design.

4. When did Thembisa Mdoda announce her pregnancy on Instagram?

Thembisa Mdoda announced her pregnancy on Instagram in 2023.

5. Who is Thembisa Mdoda’s current husband?

Thembisa Mdoda is married to Eric Nxumalo.

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