Is Sarah Geronimo Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Rumors About the Popstar Royalty

Is Sarah Geronimo Pregnant?
Is Sarah Geronimo Pregnant?

Sarah Geronimo is one of the Philippines’ most successful and popular singers, with a career spanning two decades. She is also happily married to actor Matteo Guidicelli, whom she married in a private ceremony in 2020.

However, since their wedding, Sarah’s pregnancy has been the subject of persistent rumors and speculation. Is there any truth to these reports, or are they just wishful thinking by fans and the media? Here are some facts and updates on the pregnancy rumors involving Sarah Geronimo.

Is Sarah Geronimo Pregnant?

No, Sarah Geronimo is not pregnant. Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli, on the other hand, are eager to extend their family but prefer to do so at their speed.

On October 9, during the debut of their new enterprise, G Studios, the duo answered media questions, including those about Sarah’s Pampanga concert postponement.

Is Sarah Geronimo pregnant?

Sarah’s concert with Bamboo in Pampanga was postponed on September 28 owing to what she described as “medical reasons” on social media. 

Some thought that Sarah was pregnant, but she found the stories humorous and laughed, saying, “Sana, sana” (which translates to “I hope so”). Sarah emphasized that the postponement was due to voice chord difficulties. She explains:

“Medyo nagkulang lang po ng preparation vocally, and physically, it took a toll on my vocal cords.”

When asked if she is ready to become a mother, the 35-year-old singer replied, “Ready is such a big word.” She gently requested that we explore her pregnancy thoughts another time.

Nonetheless, the couple expressed their optimism and determination to wait for the proper time to start a family. Matteo said, “I hope you pray for a dragon baby.” “In God’s timing.” In a May 2023 press appearance, Matteo enthusiastically announced his readiness for parenthood.

Sarah Geronimo’s Current Marital Status!!

Matteo Guidicelli and Sarah Geronimo, a popular celebrity couple, celebrated their third wedding anniversary on February 20 by sharing an Instagram video with their fans. In a touching greeting to his wife, Matteo acknowledged his happiness, saying:

“To the love of my life, HAPPY 3 years of marriage! Looking forward to many more travels, laughs, adventures, food trips, road trips and just experiencing life with you! Thank you for being you! Thank you for your love and care! 💯❤️ 😘 #022020”

The video showed the pair hiking in the snow-covered Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias in Yosemite National Park, California, which Matteo had earlier featured on February 10.

Their trips also featured enjoyable experiences at other US destinations, such as Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

Matteo and Sarah celebrated their ninth anniversary in September with a casual date, which they documented on their Instagram pages. They had been to Italy the previous year to see Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida.

The couple, popularly referred to as “AshMatt” by their admirers, began dating in 2013 and made their relationship public the following year. They formally announced their engagement in 2019, with Matteo proposing first in Italy and then in his hometown of Cebu City.

Their union occurred in February 2020, with a secret Christian wedding ceremony in Taguig City, just before the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown across the country.

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