Is Kevin Walling Gay? Championing LGBTQ+ Rights in American Politics

Is Kevin Walling Gay
Is Kevin Walling Gay

Is Kevin Walling gay? Kevin Walling is a well-known personality in American journalism and Democratic political strategy with a successful track record.

As a seasoned campaign operative, he has played a critical role in advancing progressive policies across several political landscapes, from Capitol Hill to state legislatures and municipal arenas.

Walling, a co-founder of Celtic Strategies and a key actor in the successful 2020 Medicaid expansion efforts in Oklahoma and Missouri, has made an indelible impression on Democratic agendas.

His enormous media presence, with over 500 hours of commentary on various news channels like Fox News, demonstrates his impact in shaping political discourse.

Despite his professional accomplishments, Kevin Walling’s personal life is the subject of much speculation, particularly due to a persistent internet rumor concerning his sexual orientation.

As we go deeper into this topic, we hope to shed light on the truth behind the supposition and provide insight into the man behind the political strategist.

Is Kevin Walling Gay?

Yes, Kevin Walling is gay. The successful Democratic campaign strategist and Biden 2020 surrogate celebrates his LGBT identity openly and authentically.

In American politics, Walling not only excels at campaign strategy, but he also advocates for LGBTQ+ rights. His openness about his sexuality is visible in both his personal and public lives.

Is Kevin Walling Gay?

Walling, a seasoned commentator on major news networks such as Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network, has utilized his platform to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and advocate for the community’s rights.

Aside from political tactics, he actively participates in talks about equality, contributing to a broader discussion of LGBTQ+ rights. Kevin Walling’s delight in being gay lends a personal dimension to his public character while also emphasizing the necessity of representation in political realms.

His continuous commitment to inclusivity, as well as his fight for LGBTQ+ rights, distinguish him not only as a political figure but also as a public advocate for diversity and acceptance.

Is Kevin Walling Married?

Kevin Walling hasn’t walked down the aisle just yet, but he’s taken a significant step in that direction. In November 2022, the American journalist and Democratic campaign strategist announced some wonderful news to his Twitter followers.

He joyfully revealed his engagement to his longtime boyfriend, Alex Stroman, with a sense of humor, capturing the romantic moment in images.

Walling tweeted: “Some personal news from across the Pond…” @alexstroman and I became engaged in 🇮🇪. His reactions reveal everything about the proposition 😅. The ecstatic updates continued in December 2022, when Walling shared his feelings on the same-sex marriage bill on Instagram.

In addition to praising the legislation, Obama joked about spending time with his canine partner, Commander. Walling’s Instagram feed has subsequently become a wonderful celebration of the couple’s love, with photos from major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. While the wedding bells haven’t rung quite yet, it’s evident that Walling and Stroman are enjoying their journey together.

Kevin Walling Net Worth

Kevin R. Walling has an estimated net worth of at least $6 million as of 2024. Kevin R. Walling is the SVP and Chief Human Resources Officer of The Hershey Co. and owns approximately 31,957 shares of The Hershey Co. (HSY) stock worth more than $6 million. Kevin R. Walling is also the Vice President of Kennametal Inc. and owns around 13,232 shares of Kennametal Inc. (KMT) stock valued at more than $320,082.

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