Is Keeley Donovan Pregnant? A New Chapter in Her Journey of Motherhood!

Is Keeley Donovan Pregnant

Is Keeley Donovan pregnant? Keeley Emma Donovan (born May 14, 1983) is an English journalist and weather presenter. For the BBC, she broadcasts weather updates in the North of England via radio and television.

Keeley was born in Grimsby and spent her childhood near Tetney. Terry Donovan, her father, played professional football for clubs including Liverpool, the Republic of Ireland, Burnley, Aston Villa, Grimsby Town, and Rotherham United.

Her Irish grandfather, Don Donovan, played for the Republic of Ireland and Grimsby Town before managing Boston United from 1965 to 1969.

Keeley began her television career at the age of 14 as a presenter for station 7 Television, now known as Estuary TV, a Birmingham-based local cable station. In 2005, while still in school, she freelanced for BBC Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. A year later, she started working for Propeller TV locally.

People have recently been discussing Keeley Donovan’s pregnancy experiences. In this essay, we will study more about it in depth.

Is Keeley Donovan Pregnant?

Keeley Donovan is not going to have a baby. Unfortunately, she had a miscarriage. Keeley Donovan, who works on Look North, revealed that she lost her second baby at 12 weeks, which is an extremely sad and worrying moment for her.

She had to take time off from work due to morning sickness during her pregnancy. However, at her 12-week appointment, there was no heartbeat, which was quite distressing.

Just a few days later, she had to return to the hospital due to significant bleeding, which confirmed the bad news. Keeley shared her painful experience on Instagram, hoping to raise awareness about miscarriage, which she says is under-discussed.

She described feeling ashamed after her loss and believes this is why people don’t discuss it often. Keeley said:

“I returned to work last week, but you might not have seen me around for a while, the truth is I’ve been off with horrid morning sickness. Unfortunately the day before our 12-week scan I started to show signs of a miscarriage. At the scan, there was no heartbeat. A few days later I ended up back in hospital because of heavy blood loss. It’s been a sad and worrying time. It’s awful to think that so many people go through this but I have found comfort in knowing that miscarriages aren’t uncommon. Talking to other women/friends who’ve been through a similar experience has helped.”

Keeley Donovan’s Relationship Status

Keeley and Johnny I’Anson were married on June 25, 2018, at Castle Farm near Knaresborough. Johnny is a BBC radio personality, just like Keeley. Their wedding was gorgeous, and it marked the beginning of a wonderful journey together.

Is Keeley Donovan Pregnant

Keeley and Johnny are not only accomplished broadcasters; they also have a happy family. They share their love story not just at work but also with their family.

They have a gorgeous daughter, Scout, who was born in July 2020. Despite their demanding occupations in the media, they make time to spend special moments with their families.

Keeley Donovan Net Worth

Keeley is one of the richest TV show hosts in the United Kingdom. Keeley Donovan has a net worth of $5 million, according to our research. Below, we provided our latest posts related to other stars’ pregnancy news:

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