Jelena Ostapenko “Tennis Player” Is She Pregnant? Truth Revealed Here!

is jelena ostapenko Pregnant

Is Jelena Ostapenko pregnant? Jelena Ostapenko, also known as Aliona Ostapenko, is a Latvian professional tennis player. Most of his fans have noticed that she looks different since the last time they saw her. This is why people want to know if she is pregnant or not. In this article, we try to answer all of your questions. Let’s find out what’s true.

Do You Know Jeena Ostapenko?

Jelena Ostapenko is a tennis player who works for a living. She is from Latvia. She was born on June 8, 1997. Her parents are Jevgenijs Ostapenko, who used to play football, and Jelena Ostapenko. Even though her real name is Jelena, she was born with the name Alona.

As she was growing up, she looked up to Serena Williams as one of her tennis heroes. She worked on her game and had a promising junior career. She won the girls’ singles title at Wimbledon in 2014.  After a while, she played her first match on the WTA Tour and kept up her impressive game.

She even won the singles title at the 2017 French Open. It was a big deal that she won. Ostapenko, who wasn’t a favourite going into the tournament, really fought back to beat pre-tournament favourite Simona Halep in the final and win the trophy at age 20.

Since then, after a big start to her career, she has kept doing great things and slowly moved up the WTA rankings. But there have been both good and bad times, and she keeps going. She is in the Australian Open 2023 right now, and she has already won. Some people, though, would rather know who her husband is than what game she plays.

Jelena Ostapenko “Tennis Player” Is She Pregnant? 

Many people believe Jelena Ostapenko is pregnant, as the number of rumours about her growing. People who didn’t think she was going to have a baby thought she already had one. But she hasn’t said anything to say that it’s true.

She is still young and focused on her career, though. She might not want to have a child so early in her career. Jeena Ostapenko is working hard to win the 2023 Australian Open.

Also, the rumour that she’s pregnant is completely false. She did not gain weight because she was pregnant; she simply gained weight. Nor does that mean she got bigger and fatter because she is carrying a baby.


Ostapenko murdered Ajla Tomljanovic in 2021, when she was sick and had just flown across the world. In the second match, she said she was having stomach problems, which made the two players argue a lot.

We don’t know what caused the health emergency because the athlete didn’t say if the pain was severe or if it was caused by illness. She also seems to have put on weight because of her fight with Ajla.

Since she helped A Beautiful Soul in 2021, the rules of the game may have changed, and the person she helped may now be fat. Jelena hasn’t said where her weight gain came from, so no one knows for sure what caused it.

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