Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced? Discovering the End of Her Marriage

Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced
Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced

Gabbi Tuft Is Divorced? When it was revealed in early 2021 that Gabbi Tuft, formerly known as “Tyler Reks,” is transgender, it made headlines around the world.

This courageous act toward self-discovery was only the beginning of her journey to alter herself. A significant new chapter in her life began to take form not long after her change was made public. This new chapter began with the dissolution of her marriage. In this essay, we discuss what caused Gabbi Tuft’s divorce, with an emphasis on the issues she faced and the strength that has been essential to her journey.

Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced?

Gabbi Tuft is transgender and formerly Tyler Reks in WWE. Her public divorce from Priscilla Tuft occurred lately. They had Mia after marrying in July 2002. Gabbi struggled to rediscover herself after her shift. Gabbi and Priscilla split up despite loving and understanding one other.

Gabbi Alon Tuft shared a post on Instagram:

They remain close friends and call each other “best friends.” Gabbi Tuft’s tale shows how tough you must be to be yourself when life surprises you.

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Who is Gabbi Tuft?

Gabrielle Alon Tuft is an American born on November 1, 1978, who used to be a professional wrestler before retiring. She is well known for her WWE wrestling career as Tyler Reks.

Tuft also competed in WWE’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), where she won the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship and the FCW Florida Tag Team Championship twice, once with Joe Hennig and once with Johnny Curtis.

Tuft presently works in marketing. He retired from professional wrestling in 2014. She also co-founded an exercise website with a few other wrestlers. Gabbi Tuft came out as a trans woman for the first time in public in February 2021.

Who is Gabbi Tuft’s Husband?

Gabbi Tuft is an American fitness trainer who used to wrestle professionally before starting her own business. She is married to Priscilla Tuft, a bodybuilder, fitness model, actor, and WNSO Professional Fitness Competitor.

They married in 2002 and had their daughter Mia Tuft in November 2011. Gabbi Tuft came out as transgender in a public release on February 4, 2021.

When Did Gabbi Tuft and Priscilla Tuft Meet?

When Priscilla was 21, she married Gabbi Tuft in July 2002. The high school sweethearts dated for five years before marrying. Priscilla said they had never been in a relationship before meeting as youngsters and kissing on their wedding day.

Does Gabbi Tuft Have Kids?

In 2002, Gabbi Tuft, also known as Tyler Reks, married Priscilla, and nine years later, in 2011, they welcomed a daughter.

Is Gabbi Tuft Divorced

The couple chose to give their daughter the name Mia. Gabbi Tuft’s family has shown a great deal of support for the decisions she has made in her life. Priscilla has been Tuft’s unwavering support system in every challenging circumstance.

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What Happened to Gabbi Tuft?

Since July 2002, Gabbi Tuft has been married to Priscilla. They have an intense affection for one another. In November of 2011, they shared the pleasure of becoming parents when their daughter Mia was born. In the summer of 2019, Tuft was faced with a significant health issue.

Having open-heart surgery was a difficult time in her life. Then, on February 4, 2021, Gabbi Tuft came out publicly as transgender. She did this with courage and sincerity. Since then, a large number of people have been moved and given more strength by this statement, and she has continued to advocate for transgender rights and visibility.

Gabbi Tuft and Priscilla Tuft’s Relationship

Former WWE wrestler Gabbi Tuft came out as transgender in February 2021. She married Priscilla Tuft in July 2002. They married after five years of dating after meeting in high school. Mia, born in November 2011, is their daughter.

She has just been with Gabbi, explains Priscilla. The couple was single until they met as teens. Their first kiss was on their wedding day. Gabbi and Priscilla are not sexually active after almost 20 years of marriage. However, they have found a new element in their relationship and aren’t doing it anymore.

Conclusion: Gabbi Tuft, formerly WWE Tyler Reks, divorced Priscilla in a high-profile divorce. After separation, self-discovery was hard. Gabbi and Priscilla divorced despite their love and understanding. Multiple media sites reported their divorce, including a touching video of Gabbi and Mia preparing to visit Priscilla at her apartment. They remain “best friends” after breaking up.

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