Is Emily Chase Pregnant? Chevy Chase Announces He Is Going To Be A Grandad!

Is Emily Chase Pregnant
Is Emily Chase Pregnant

In the realm of celebrity gossip and speculation, few topics generate as much buzz and intrigue as the possibility of a star’s pregnancy. Today, all eyes turn to Emily Chase, the beloved actress whose every move is scrutinized by fans and media alike.

Rumors have been swirling, whispers exchanged, and speculation rampant: Is Emily Chase pregnant? In this article, we delve deep into the swirling rumors, separate fact from fiction, and explore the truth behind the headlines.

Is Emily Chase Pregnant?

Yes, Emily Chase is pregnant!! Chevy Chase is going to be a grandfather soon. He is a comedian and actor who has been in movies like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. On Instagram on Saturday, the 80-year-old star said that his 36-year-old daughter Emily Chase is having a child with her partner, Alex Baglieri. Chase also said that he was excited and he “can’t wait.”

Even though Emily Chase hasn’t said she’s pregnant yet, she did post a picture of herself, her sisters, and her parents laughing on Instagram last week.

This month, Chevy, his wife, and all three of their daughters talked to Bedford & New Canaan Magazine about being parents and the value of family.

Is Emily Chase Pregnant

“We got married at our house in Pacific Palisades in 1982,” Jayni told the magazine as she and her husband showed pictures of their home in Bedford, Connecticut. She added, “Chevy was absolutely smitten with each of our daughters, and he’s been a super loving and devoted father.”

“Chevy and I have had a wonderful 44 years together,” she said.  “We’ve had lots of extraordinary friends and we’ve met a lot of high-profile people, but it’s our three fabulous daughters that matter most to us. And, hopefully, we’ve had a positive impact on the community and the world around us.”

Chevy Chase Is Thrilled To Become A Grandfather

In an Instagram post on Saturday, Chevy Chase, who played Fred in Christmas Vacation, said that his daughter Emily Chase is going to have a baby.

“I can’t wait to be a Grandad!” The comedian wrote this with a picture of himself, his 36-year-old daughter, and her partner, Alex Baglieri. He continued, “Congrats to my daughter @em_chases and @alex.baglieri (red heart emoji).”

Fans couldn’t wait to share their joy, and many of them left well wishes in the comments section as well. Someone wrote under the picture, “Congratulations!! Best grandpa ever!!!!”

“I vote for Rusty if it’s a boy,” Joked someone else, referring to Chevy’s made-up son in the National Lampoon movies.

On the other hand, Chevy married Jayni Chase in June 1982, after dating for almost two years. They’ve had three girls together over the years: Cydney, Caley, and Emily.

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