Is Ellen Lesbian: Who Is She Now After Being a Lesbian Hero

Is Ellen Lesbian
Is Ellen Lesbian

After a lesbian couple sent a now-famous tweet asking Ellen DeGeneres to come to their wedding because some of their family members wouldn’t, the talk show host surprised the couple by inviting them to be special guests on her show.

“Hi @chrissyteigen & @TheEllenShow!! My parents won’t come to my wedding because I’m gay, and they don’t like that.” On November 5, Kate Austin sent out a tweet that was liked and shared more than 178,000 times. “I need someone to walk me down the aisle, and I also need someone for a “father-daughter” dance. Please come, or my fiancee and I will cry.”

A picture of Austin proposing to her girlfriend, Sarah Sulsenti, in front of the Eiffel Tower was attached to the tweet.

On Monday, DeGeneres replied to the tweet by writing “See you tomorrow.”

Who is Ellen DeGeneres?

An American comedian, television personality, actor, writer, and producer with the name of Ellen Lee DeGeneres. From 1994 to 1998, she starred in the sitcom Ellen, for which she won a Primetime Emmy Award for “The Puppy Episode”.

Who is Ellen DeGeneres Wife ‘Portia de Rossi’

Australian-American actress Portia de Rossi, born Amanda Lee Rogers on January 31, 1973, is also known by her stage name, Portia Lee James DeGeneres.

Fans Thoughts On Ellen’s Marriage With Portia

Social media fans observed her hanging out with Bush at Sunday’s Dallas Cowboys game and wondered why she was with someone who fought against everything she stood for. Four years before DeGeneres and DeRossi wed, he advocated a ban on same-sex marriage. He called the 2004 decision to establish marriage equality in Massachusetts “extremely disturbing.”

Bush opposed same-sex adoptions, LGBTQ+ hate crimes statutes, and queer youngsters in the Boy Scouts during his 2000 presidential campaign. He never apologised for these beliefs during his eight years in power.

DeGeneres denied propagating anti-LGBTQ+ hate on her show, saying she’s friends with Bush.

In a Twitter clip from that episode, DeGeneres claims she has “many of pals that don’t share the same ideas” as her. She doesn’t have to agree with Bush to be his buddy. As a vegan, she equated it to having furry pals, as if torturing people, lying about WMDs, and vacationing during Hurricane Katrina are comparable.

Kindness and friendship are different. You can be nice and not call George Bush a “war criminal” or “bigot” to his face, but you don’t have to appreciate spending time with him. I’m a gay, transgender Latina in a same-sex relationship; I can’t be kind to those wanting to kill or deport me. The GOP still uses Bush’s policies to criticise and marginalise people like me.

DeGeneres once inspired my queer fantasies. I used one of her and Portia’s wedding photos as my computer wallpaper when I came out in 2012. I wanted her joy and satisfaction. It’s hard to reconcile that picture with someone who uses wealth and fame to defend others who attack, mock, and deride our community. She didn’t only defend Kevin Hart after anti-LGBTQ+ tweets resurfaced. DeGeneres, one of my lesbian idols, hosted him during his redemption tour.

Do I still represent Ellen Degeneres? When trans Black women are murdered, where is she? Where is she when her friend’s party tries to legalise firing LGBTQ+ people? Why has she prioritised her connection with Bush over civil rights this week? Does she matter?

When I think about what it means to be a queer woman in 2019, I think about battling against TERFS and the Republican party, finding doctors and therapists who will treat me with respect, and spending time with my girlfriend. Steven Universe, Hayley Kiyoko, Janelle Monáe, She-Ra, Kristen Stewart. Ellen Degeneres isn’t the only LGBT woman named Ellen. She comes to mind.

It would be wonderful to claim I should’ve recognised a cis, white, incredibly rich lesbian wouldn’t represent me, especially as she got richer, but it was difficult to find role models back then. I don’t want Ellen DeGeneres to represent me after 22 years. I doubt it.

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