Is Citra from 90 Day Fiance Pregnant? Reveal the Truth

Is Citra from 90 Day Fiance Pregnant
Is Citra from 90 Day Fiance Pregnant

Is Citra from 90 Day Fiance pregnant? Once upon a time, Sam Wilson from Missouri and Citra from Bogor, West Java, met by chance on a social media app and fell in love.

Citra was simply searching for acquaintances, but their casual conversation about Sam’s youthful appearance blossomed into a genuine bond. Surprisingly, after a year, they started dating.

Things took a dramatic turn when Sam revealed his prior issues with opiate addiction. Citra, being understanding, accepted him, marking an important milestone in their relationship. Sam chose to propose, and Citra relocated to the United States on a K-1 visa, as seen in 90 Day Fiance Season 10.

However, their journey was not simple, and they encountered numerous hurdles. Now there are rumors that they are pregnant. In this article, we’ll look at the facts behind the rumors.

Is Citra from 90 Day Fiancé Pregnant?

No, Citra from 90 Day Fiancé isn’t pregnant. Sam Wilson used to keep his Instagram private, but it is now public. His page has numerous photos of him and Citra, as well as a link to their Cameo account.

Cameo allows fans to pay for a special video message from the pair. This demonstrates that Citra is still with Sam even after the TV show has ended.

However, there is no mention or evidence of Citra being pregnant on her social media. So the rumour that she is pregnant is false.

 Sam & Citra in 90 Day Fiancé!!

Citra revealed that Sam had originally planned to travel to Indonesia alone for their wedding, but his plans changed. Citra’s father and two sisters joined them in Missouri before the wedding. Citra was delighted to have her family meet Sam’s family in America.

She was especially relieved when her sister, who had previously been in a terrible relationship, began dating Timmy. Citra had already attempted to set Timmy up with friends in Indonesia, but it did not work.

Sam and Citra married near Cameron on September 10, 2023, according to Starcasm. They originally met on a dating app three years ago, when Citra messaged Sam about his ‘baby face.’

Two years later, Sam traveled to Indonesia to propose to Citra, who then entered the United States on a K-1 visa. Despite being Muslims, Citra and Sam intended for him to convert before the wedding, and they avoided intimacy until marriage.

Sam, who had previously struggled with addiction, risked legal consequences in 2023 for possessing Suboxone without a valid prescription. He withheld this from Citra for fear she would leave him.

Interestingly, both Sam and his brother married into an Indonesian family. There are suspicions that Citra and her sister are using Sam and Timmy to obtain a green card, with Citra claiming that moving her entire family to America was always the intention.

Timmy and Nafa’s romance is gathering traction, and there are rumors that they will appear on 90 Day Fiancé or one of its spinoffs.

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