Is Caley Chelios Pregnant? Exploring the Truth!!

Is Caley Chelios Pregnant
Is Caley Chelios Pregnant

Caley Chelios, the daughter of hockey legend Chris Chelios, is a successful sportscaster. She is an ESPN sportscaster, Chicago Blackhawks reporter, and studio commentator. After seeing her weight gain on screen, viewers have been curious about her personal life. Is Caley Chelios expecting her third? Find out!

Is Caley Chelios Pregnant?

Yes, Caley Chelios is pregnant. On October 9, 2023, Caley Chelios joyfully announced her pregnancy on Instagram. She celebrated becoming a mum again with photos captioned ‘Baby number three coming this spring!’ Caley married NFL player Danny Vitale, who attended Northwestern University like her.

Chicago hosted their summer 2019 wedding. Isabella, their daughter, was born in April 2020. In September 2021, they had Danny, their second son. Pregnancy with their third child has caused Caley’s weight gain. She’s excited to grow their family in spring 2024, but she hasn’t revealed the date.

First Look Caley Chelios and Danny Vitale’s Love Story!

Northwestern University is where Caley Chelios and Danny Vitale met while studying and playing sports. Danny played football and Caley lacrosse.

They have been dating since 2014, and they got engaged in 2018. They married in Chicago in 2019 in a beautiful ceremony with relatives and friends. Caley and Danny love sports and each other.

They demonstrate their support and love by posting cute family photos on social media. They are proud parents to Isabella and Danny, who root for them in their parents’ shirts.

Highlighting the Achievements of Caley Chelios in Sports Broadcasting!!

Caley Chelios followed in her father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in sports. She got a bachelor’s degree in communications and sociology from Northwestern University before pursuing a master’s degree at the Medill School of Journalism.

She began her career as an intern with the Chicago Sun-Times and the Creative Artists Agency. She then went on to work as a radio commentator and reporter for the Tampa Bay Lightning, covering games and breaking news.

She also worked as a lacrosse analyst for the Big Ten Network and helped NBC Sports cover the Isobel Cup playoffs. In 2022, she joined ESPN as a sportscaster, delivering commentary and analysis on a variety of sporting events.

In 2021, she will join the Chicago Blackhawks broadcast crew as a reporter and studio commentator, returning to her hometown and her father’s previous team. Caley Chelios has established herself as a competent and diverse sports broadcaster, winning respect and acclaim from both her peers and fans.

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