Is Benoit Blanc Gay In Knives Out & Glass Onion? His Sexuality Expained!

Is Benoit Blanc Gay In Knives Out And Glass Onion

After Knives Out was a hit in 2019, fans of the murder mystery quickly asked for a sequel so they could learn more about the mysterious detective, Benoit Blanc. Three years later, the long-awaited sequel, Glass Onion, has finally come out.

In it, Daniel Craig’s Southern detective is put in the middle of another complicated mystery. Fans had hoped that the movie would show more about his character, and it does. In an early scene, Blanc plays a game of “Among Us” with some famous people before he gets a clue that gets him involved in the case.

The scene in question also shows that the detective shares his apartment with another man, which made many Knives Out and Glass Onion fans wonder if Benoit Blanc is gay.

Is Benoit Blanc Gay In Knives Out And Glass Onion?

In the Knives Out movies, Benoit Blanc is gay. Even though Glass Onion only kind of hints at this, the writer and director of the film, Rian Johnson, has been much more open about the detective’s sexuality.

After a showing of the movie at the London Film Festival, Johnson was asked if a scene in which Benoit Blanc lives with another man meant that the character is gay. According to Insider, Rian said, “Yes, he is obviously gay.”

Johnson added, “I can’t think of anyone in the world who would make me happier for Benoit Blanc to be with than this person,” but he didn’t say who it was.

Daniel Craig, who plays Benoit Blanc, also chimed in, saying, “No spoilers, but who wouldn’t want to live with that person?”

Who Is Benoit Blanc’s Partner?

Hugh Grant’s character Phillip, who appears in the movie Glass Onion, turns out to be Benoit Blanc’s partner.

Glass Onion confirms that Benoit Blanc lives with Hugh Grant’s character when he answers the door when Janelle Monáe’s character comes to their apartment looking for the detective. Earlier in the movie, we only heard his voice.

Phillip opens the door in a bright pink and green apron, and it’s clear that he’s in the middle of baking. He’s not too happy that Blanc is in the bath and can’t answer the door.

Fans React To The News

After it came out that Benoit Blanc is gay, a lot of fans took to social media to say what they thought.

“The Reveal of Benoit Blanc’s Gay Lover in Glass Onion is one of my favourite movie moments of the year,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another person said, “How did I just find out that Benoit Blanc is gay?” I had to watch all of Glass Onion, wondering if they would ever talk about how fruity everything was.

This fan, though, had a warning for the other viewers: Actually, there is one very mild spoiler: don’t go into this hoping that Benoit Blanc will come out as gay, because you won’t get it. They left it so vague and unclear that my mom thought [redacted] was playing his housekeeper.

Another Twitter user pointed to a scene in Knives Out as proof that Blanc has always been gay: “I don’t know why people are surprised that Benoit Blanc is gay because in Knives Out he calls Ransom and Harlan “drama mamas.”

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