Is B. Simone Pregnant? The Truth About Her Pregnancy Rumors

Is B. Simone Pregnant?
Is B. Simone Pregnant?

Is B. Simone expecting a child? B. Simone is a multidimensional talent in the worlds of entertainment and entrepreneurship, creating waves as a comedian, actress, and businesswoman.

She is originally from Dallas, Texas, but has made her home in Atlanta, Georgia, where her career has grown. B. Simone has become a household name after a remarkable six seasons on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out, amassing a large fanbase of over 6.1 million Instagram followers.

In addition to her television career, she has been on the big screen and networks such as BET, MTV, and VH1. She has established her mark in the beauty and wellness industries as the brains behind the growing BSimoneBeauty makeup line and BSimoneFit exercise business. However, current internet rumors say that B. Simone is pregnant.

We explore the speculations surrounding B. Simone’s pregnancy in this piece, hoping to unearth the truth behind this intriguing theory. Continue reading to find out the latest on her pregnancy status.

Is B. Simone Pregnant?

No, B. Simone is not expecting a child. As of today, it appears that the speculations concerning B. Simone’s pregnancy are baseless. The comedian, actress, and businesswoman, 33, has not presented any evidence to back up her claims.

The conjecture may have started with a recent top-view selfie she posted on her Instagram Story when some observant followers thought they saw a possible baby bump. However, it’s important to note that B. Simone has made no public declaration about her pregnancy.

She has also been vocal about going through bodily changes as a result of weight gain, which she openly addresses. The visible change in her body should not be interpreted as a confirmation of pregnancy, as no trustworthy sources or words from B. Simone herself support this theory.

In light of the lack of actual evidence and an official statement from the comedian, it’s safe to say that the current speculations about B. Simone’s pregnancy are just that: rumors.

 B. Simone’s Abortion Journey

In 2022, B. Simone, 33, treated her Instagram followers to a candid teaser from the latest edition of her podcast, “Know For Sure,” which she later shared on YouTube shorts as well.

B. Simone fearlessly divulged a key piece of her life—a decision to have an abortion—in a heart-to-heart conversation with her closest friend and podcast co-founder, Megan Brooks.

B. Simone began the video with the statement, “The truth is, I had an abortion.” The two closest friends’ conversation unfolded, revealing that Megan Brooks initially held opposing views on abortion.

She said, “I didn’t grow up with this idea that abortion was a good thing, and I was very judgmental of people who did it.” Surprised by this news, B. Simone said, “I never knew that.”

Despite the initial disagreement, Megan Brooks stated that her top concern was to support her buddy without passing judgment. She went on to say, “I didn’t want her to feel any guilt [or] anything, but the whole time I was just so broken from it.”

As the video gained popularity, B. Simone used an Instagram remark to express her thoughts further. She acknowledged feeling afraid and ashamed during the clinic appointment, but she insists she has no regrets.

B. Simone inspired others by saying, “Ladies, walk in your truth and grow daily.” This realization exemplifies B. Simone’s dedication to authenticity and self-love, and it inspires others to embrace their journeys.

Does B Simone Have a Child?

As of now, it is unknown whether B. Simone has children, and there is no information on her children available on the internet.

While speculations about B Simone’s pregnancy received a lot of attention, another interesting feature of her recent journey is her incredible weight loss.

B Simone has been open about her struggles with weight and body image, and she is actively working to improve her physical health and well-being. She openly revealed a noteworthy 41-pound weight loss in a recent social media post, encouraging her followers and admirers.

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