Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant? A Deep Dive Into Meteorologist’s Personal Life

Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant?
Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant?

Ashlee Baracy is a meteorologist who works for Detroit’s Local 4 News on WDIV-TV. She is also a former Miss Michigan and a contestant in the Miss America pageant.

She is married to Jeff Kunkel, a former baseball player and coach. The couple has two children, Carter and Caylee. But is Ashlee Baracy pregnant with her third child? Here is what we know.

Is Ashlee Baracy Pregnant?

No, Ashlee Baracy is not currently pregnant. While she is not currently expecting, it is worth noting the bravery she demonstrated in 2019 when she made global headlines for calling out body-shamers throughout her pregnancy.


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The Columbus, Ohio, meteorologist, who announced her pregnancy in February of that year, resorted to social media in June to respond to unwanted comments about her appearance.

Ashlee had to deal with everything from comments about her face looking fuller to unwanted counsel regarding her weight gain. She bravely utilized her position to raise awareness about body shaming and its consequences, sharing some of the nasty remarks she got.

Despite her thick skin, she said that the words still hurt, stressing how vital it is for adults to set a good example for the next generation.

This time, there’s no official announcement or apparent baby belly in her recent Instagram postings. So, for the time being, the meteorologist is navigating the weather of life with no new family members on the way.

Who Is Ashlee Baracy Married To?

Ashlee Baracy is blissfully married to her husband, Jeff Kunkel. She married her best friend, Jeff Kunkel, in a heartfelt wedding at the Gem Theatre in downtown Detroit in 2017.

Their love story began at a Detroit Tigers game, when they met and laid the stage for a wonderful adventure. Before moving to Ohio, the couple got engaged on Belle Isle, overlooking the city where their romance blossomed: Detroit.

Is Ashlee Baracy pregnant?

In a candid interview with Local 4, Ashlee discussed the importance of the city in their love story, highlighting its profound significance to their relationship. Beyond her roles as a meteorologist and wife, Ashlee proudly wears the label “meteorologist.”

The pair considers themselves fortunate to have a family of four, given the joy that comes with parenting. Their three-year-old son, Carter, and daughter, Caylee, round out their joyful family. Ashlee now refers to herself as a monologist, combining the roles of meteorologist, wife, and mother with unshakable enthusiasm.

After returning to Detroit, Baracy and her husband made the conscious decision to raise their children near their grandparents, realizing a long-held ambition. As committed Wolverines, the couple is raising their children with a passion for the same values and traditions they cherish.

Love, family, and a common love of all things Detroit and Wolverines combine to make for a satisfying and joyful life in the Baracy-Kunkel household.

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