Is Alex Jones Pregnant, And When Will She Give Birth? All You Need To Know!

is alex jones pregnant
is alex jones pregnant

Alex Jones has been a regular on our television screens for almost a decade, most notably as co-host of the BBC’s The One Show (opens in new tab). Alex’s warmth makes each appearance on The One Show(opens in new tab) a joyful and engaging experience, from delivering memorable pieces to conducting inspiring conversations with guests.

Over the years, she’s made a number of important personal revelations to her One Show coworkers, including one only a few months ago. And fans are wondering if it has anything to do with Alex Jones’s family’s new arrival.

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Who Is Alex Jones?

Alexander Emerick Jones, an American far-right radio program host, and famous conspiracy theorist was born on February 11, 1974. From Austin, Texas, he conducts The Alex Jones Show, which is broadcast across the U. S. and online by the Genesis Communications Network.

Jones’ website InfoWars, as well as his other sites NewsWars and PrisonPlanet, promote conspiracy theories and fake news. Jones has given white nationalists a voice and support, providing Unite the Right participant and white supremacist Nick Fuentes a forum on his website Banned. Video and acting as an “entry point” to their philosophy.

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Is Alex Jones pregnant?

Alex Jones of The One Show was expecting a baby girl in 2021. And it appears that Alex’s daughter, Annie, has made herself at home with the family.

According to, the presenter revealed her pregnancy delight to Closer magazine at the time. She is alleged to have stated that she initially mistook her pregnancy symptoms for indicators of diet-related exhaustion in this interview.

“I just felt incredibly exhausted,” Alex said, “but in hindsight, I was pregnant.” “I assumed it was my veganism that was draining my vitality, but it wasn’t.”

Alex confessed that she should’ve recognized the signals following her prior pregnancies, but that she “didn’t recognize the clues were there.”

“I didn’t realize the clues were there because I honestly put everything on the vegans,” the One Show host stated.

“I was always exhausted and hungry, and I assumed it was because of that.” However, I told my spouse that I believe we should do a test. ‘What?’ he exclaimed. ‘What?’ – in any case, we conducted a test.”

Alex chose to disclose her 3rd pregnancy in a lovely way in March after realizing she was definitely pregnant. She had already announced her second baby on The One Show in 2018, and she chose to do it once more this time.

As she presented the show with Ronan Keating, Alex continued, “It just feels like a good time to share good news among everyone, and the team in the studio for the first time.” “I mean, the lockdown has been everything but predictable, and we just got some shocking news – baby number three is on the way.”

And she’s eager to hear from Ronan, who recently welcomed his second kid with his wife Storm.

“I’m in desperate need of all the advice.” “We weren’t expecting that, but we’re ecstatic,” Alex exclaimed.

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When will Alex Jones’ child be born?

Alex Jones is the proud mother of a baby girl. At the start of August 2021, the host of The One Show went on maternity leave. Alex and her spouse are expecting their first child on August 21, 2021.

Alex said in an interview with Hello! magazine that her daughter would arrive in late August. And it appears that her baby daughter came on or around her due date.

Alex’s maternity leave fell on the same three-week vacation as The One Show.

“Every year in the summer, the program takes a three-week hiatus, and this year’s break will be in August. So I’m going to go off on it, and I’m probably going to stay off. “That is the plan,” she explained.

Although the presenter has hinted that it will most likely be “a mix” of people who are already acquainted with the audience, it has yet to be disclosed who will be filling in for Alex during her maternity leave.

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