Iggy Azalea Before And After Pictures: Has Iggy Azalea Had Cosmetic Surgery? All Details

iggy azalea before & after
iggy azalea before & after

Iggy Azalea said in a recent interview that the rumors that she had plastic surgery after giving birth were not true.

The Australian rapper, who is 30 years old, told a fan on Twitter that her toned body was due to a healthy diet and the fact that she was in great shape before she got pregnant.

Even though that may be true, it doesn’t mean that the singer of the hit song “Fancy” has never had surgery. Iggy’s appearance has changed a lot over the years, from rumors of a chin implant to a nose job and breast augmentation.

Recent pictures of the famous person show that she has changed a lot since 2012 when she was a young blonde.

Photos of Iggy when she was 23 show that she looks very different now. Her lips are smaller, her nose is bigger, and her breasts are flatter.

She has been very honest about her history of plastic surgery, which includes a nose job and breast implants.

She says, though, that her big buttocks are nothing to be ashamed of.

Dr. Randal Haworth of Beverly Hills looked at the singer last year and told Daily Mail Australia that she may have had more cosmetic surgery to change the shape of her face.

Dr. Haworth hasn’t seen or treated Iggy in person, but he says that she has made “subtle” and “wonderful” progress.

He thinks that Iggy is a great way for plastic surgeon to show off their skills. If done right, the results can be beautiful and hard for an untrained eye to see.

Dr. Haworth thinks that Iggy may have had “a chin augmentation as well as mandibular angle enhancement to give her a more refined, “modelesque” jawline” in addition to her rhinoplasty, which he says “straightened and narrowed her nose.

She could have had this done with solid silicone implants or with commercially available injectable fillers, but in either case, the results would have been “spectacularly non-obvious,” as he put it.

Iggy was born in Mullumbimby, New South Wales, and moved to the U.S. when she was 16. She has always been open about the fact that she has breast implants.

“My breasts got bigger four months ago!” In 2015, she told the fashion magazine Vogue that she had always been interested in the idea.

In an interview with E! afterward, she talked about why she decided to let the public know about her new look.

She said, “I love them so much I had to talk about them.” ‘ Everyone agreed, “I don’t think you need to say anything because no one would ever know because they’re so small.” Instead of keeping my thoughts to myself, I blurted out, “I know, but I’m just going to say it because I’m a blabber mouth!”

I don’t think it would be good for me to keep a secret. She said that it’s easier to say it out loud because you don’t have to worry that someone will find it.

Even though Iggy has been open about being willing to have surgery, there are still rumors that she has had “butt implants.”

In 2017, she told Australian radio hosts Stav, Abby, and Matt that she didn’t have bum implants. This is my real butt, even though those aren’t my real breasts. Iggy said earlier this week that her amazing body after having a baby is the result of a strict diet and intense exercise. She ruled out plastic surgery as a possible explanation.

Monday, someone on Twitter said about her appearance, “I’m not having a baby until I can afford what these celebrities are doing to look like weeks after giving birth.”

Iggy replied on Twitter, “When you’re pregnant and already have a six-pack, all you have to do is watch what you eat. You have nothing to lose; all you need is the willpower to do it for nine months.

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