Tiktok’s “How Did Squidward Die” Trend Explained As Viral Movie Clip On Internet

We all have a subconscious connection to Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants. But now people are taking him seriously. People often think of SpongeBob SquarePants when they think of being happy as a child.

Even though this comedy is known for being funny and lighthearted, it also has some very relatable themes. As adults, many people can relate to Squidward’s pessimism, but many kids can relate to SpongeBob’s freedom.

A new trend on Tiktok involves the made-up Nickelodeon character Squidward Q. Tentacles have started to grow all over the app, which may make you feel a little strange. People are making videos of their reactions after typing “How did Squidward die?” into Google.

People are scared by the video, and many people do this as a joke, but we think it’s weird for a cartoon to show this kind of thing.

Let’s learn as much as we can about all of this.

What Is Tiktok’s ‘how Did Squidward Die’ Trend?

One of the newest things to do on Tiktok is to record a video of yourself before and after you look up the next sentence online.

“How Did Squidward Die?”

The first search result says that the humanoid octopus character is shown killing himself with a shotgun in a lost SpongeBob SquarePants episode called “Squidward’s Suicide,” also known as “Red Mist.”

What Is The Origin Of The Phrase “How Did Squidward Die?”

It grew out of the website Creepy pasta, which has scary things but not pasta. In a nutshell, they are scary urban legends that have been passed around a lot on the Internet. Most of the time, the stories are short, scary paranormal stories written by users.

It is said that this scary Squidward story was posted on 7chan’s /x/paranormal site by an unknown user.  The user remembers being asked to watch a copy of the episode “Fear of the Krabby Patty” with a group of other people while interning at Nickelodeon.

Instead, the title said, “Squidward’s Death.” But the animators kept working on the project because they thought the episode was a funny joke about death.

What Is In The Video?

Oh, you’re brave; you want to know, and I’ll tell you because it’s nice to be scared and have others share with you. In the video, these things happen:

The episode starts with a title card about Squidward’s suicide and a shot of Squidward playing his clarinet badly. Outside his house, Spongebob and Patrick quickly interrupt him by laughing. Squidward yells at them to be quiet because he is practicing for a concert that goes wrong.

But as the audience booed him for his bad performance, everyone, including Spongebob and Patrick, seemed to have red eyes like when you cry for 2 hours straight.

Squidward is shown in his bedroom, crying with his head on his knees because he feels ashamed and embarrassed. Even though Squidward didn’t sound like he was crying, it seemed more like a ghost was crying or screaming.

After a while, Squidward’s face is shown to the camera in this scene. I don’t know if the person who made the video went crazy or not.

or if there was a problem with the video at that time. But the video started moving so quickly, and strange voices started to come from the background. When the screaming stops, a deep voice from off-screen says, “Do it!” and the camera pans out to show Squidward with a shotgun in his mouth.

Then, Bam! A few seconds later, Squidward kills himself, and the camera pans out again to show his body on the screen before the clip ends. I just want to know if the person who made this scary video is okay because the video shows that he is going through some traumatic things in his head.

No, I wasn’t going to stop writing the article here, but unfortunately I have to. No! I’m not scared; it’s just 3 a.m., so please be patient with me.

Did this make you feel uneasy? You’re the one who made this video, right? Haha! Please tell us in the comments section.

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