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high bio face reveal

A well-known YouTuber named High Boi is well-known for his amusing movie review videos. Adam is his name, and he is 24 years old (in 2022). He studies computer science. On YouTube, he has more than 1.35 million subscribers. High Boi withheld his identity and any identifying information, including his face. In just two months, he added more than a million subscribers. Most of his videos have similar names, such as “(Movie name) explained by an idiot.”

On May 28, 2019, High Boi launched his YouTube channel. On the same day, he posted a video recapping a movie. More than 7.5 million people have seen the most watched video on his YouTube channel, “Ice Age explained by an idiot.”

Real Name Adam
Gender Male
Age 24 (In 2022)
Birthday Not Available
Birth Place Not Available
Nationality Not Available
Profession YouTuber
Famous for Funny Movie recaps
Net Worth Not Available
Qualification Not Available
Channel Name High Boi
Subscribers 1.35 million
Phone Number Not Available

Boi High Wiki

High Boi is the owner of a well-known YouTube channel. His real name and zodiac sign are unknown. At an unidentified private school in his hometown, he earned his high school diploma. He later earned a computer science degree from an unidentified university and graduated from college.

He is of mixed ethnicity. However, there is currently no information online concerning his parents or siblings. He hasn’t shared many personal details about himself as an internet celebrity. His current relationship status is single, and he is not married.

Face Reveal High Boi

The identity of High Boi’s face is still unknown to his online fans. It is obvious from watching his films that he does not utilize his real face, but rather voiceovers and animations. Despite amassing millions of followers, he doesn’t appear particularly interested in showing his true self to his followers. On the internet, he promotes himself as an animated persona. On social media, a lot of people post images of random people while claiming to be High Boi. However, since he hasn’t yet revealed his actual photo, all of those are false.

High Bio Career

High In May 2019, Boi launched his YouTube channel. He started posting movie summaries of popular movies on the channel. His channel received no views over the first two years that he produced videos. Additionally, he used to run his channel and employment at the same time. However, one of his followers decided to upload amusing passages from his YouTube videos on a Tiktok fan page. Those Tiktok videos became viral on the platform. Many users of the app began looking for his YouTube videos. The YouTube algorithm chose to move the video into suggestions after discovering that hundreds of people were looking for his films.

His channel has grown tremendously since then. In around 45 days, his channel went from having a few hundred subscribers to have a million. His efforts were beginning to pay off. Additionally, he produced a second channel called Extra High using this. He posts random videos to this channel, where he has so far racked up more than 180k subscribers. Returning to his primary channel, it currently has 176 million total video views and more than 1.79 million followers.

High Bio Net Worth

High Boi has a wealth of $125,000. (estimated). His two main sources of revenue are Patreon and YouTube. His YouTube channel receives almost ten million views per month, according to Socialblade. According to our calculations, he earns about $15,000 every month through advertisements. The majority of income is restricted to adverts, which is the cause of the low earnings. This indicates that only a few advertisements are visible on his videos. Additionally, he rarely appears to be dealing with brands.

He doesn’t make much money from Patreon, to be honest. Even though he doesn’t make much, it’s still a nice source of extra revenue. Our calculations show that he earns less than $1,000 from the website.


  • All of the animations in his videos are edited by him. He has been quite clear about not hiring someone to edit his videos.
  • NF is his preferred rapper.
  • He loves animals and once kept a cat as a pet.
  • He dislikes anime television.
  • He joined in June 2021 and has over 12k followers on Twitter. He has sent out more than 100 tweets.
  • He doesn’t have a profile on Instagram.
  • He loves memes a lot.
  • On Reddit, his subreddit has about 500 users.
  • Nearly nine million people have watched his most well-liked video, “Wall-E explained by an idiot,” which holds the title.

The most recent information on High Boi is provided here.

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