Heidi Klum Controversial Photo: Heidi Replied On Controversial Photo “We Had A Great Time Together”

Heidi Klum Controversial Photo
Heidi Klum Controversial Photo

Heidi Klum Controversial Photo: Leni Klum discusses the criticism she and her mother, Heidi Klum, faced after their racy lingerie photo shoot.

After the photo shoot, many fans rushed to the post’s comments to express their dismay, using language like “very disturbing” and “weird.” Leni, now 18, made it clear at her mom’s annual Halloween party that she does not care what the haters think of her.

Leni told Page Six on Monday night, “I honestly didn’t look at a lot of the reactions.”
“Overall, I’m pleased with the campaign, and yesterday was a wonderful day spent with my mother. We had a fantastic time, and I think the pictures turned out great “Moreover, she said.

Heidi Klum And Her 18-Year-Old Daughter Leni Have Been Called “VERY DISTURBING” For A Lingerie Shoot

Heidi Klum's model daughter Leni, 18, responds to 'nepo baby' label

Currently, Klum and Leni can be seen in the latest commercials for the Italian underwear company Intimissimi. They both wore bras, briefs, and heels while modeling the black and white lingerie in the photos.

With the caption “Like mother and daughter,” Intimissimi paired the two in a photo. To paraphrase: “Every woman has a soft spot in her heart for her favorite lingerie.” But not everyone was enthusiastic about it. ‘The photo is weird and the caption makes it weirder lol,’ said one user.

Leni insisted that she ignores the criticism she receives. Simply put, “I don’t look at it,” Leni said. “I don’t know what’s there because if I don’t look at it, I don’t have to deal with it. Emotions run high as HEIDI KLUM prepares to send her daughter off to college. To “LET THE KIDS FLY,”

“It’s out, I love it; we had a great shoot and a great day.” Leni appreciated getting to know Heidi, 49.

“To put it simply, she is my girlfriend and I adore her. She is a role model. I could go on and on about the guidance she gives me, her methods, and her overall awesomeness “Rather than keeping it all to herself, she gave a little. My time spent shooting with her has been fantastic.

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Users of other social media platforms also gushed over the advertising campaign. “Incredible mom and daughter,” said one commenter. Amazing, a mommy model and her little girl instead of the usual group of influencers I see everywhere these days “someone else chimed in. I’ll give it to the marketing department for this one: “Good job.”

Another user commented on the criticism, asking why everyone seems so “pressed.” The user defended the ad by saying, “This is actually a very classy ad for underwear, beautifully embracing the Italian background of this brand.”

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“Mother and daughter are just being themselves, each in their own underwear, and if you find that sexually suggestive, that’s on you. You might want to consider that a woman’s body in underwear is just another article of clothing and not necessarily a sexual object.”

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