Gwen Stefani’s ‘Unrecognisable’ New Style Has Surprised Fans

gwen stefani new style

Gwen Stefani, an American singer, has become the talk of the internet after revealing a new look in a recent television interview.

The Sweet Escape and Rich Girl singer joined fellow coach and husband Blake Shelton on season 22 of The Voice US.

The singer took a break from the show to focus on her music career and was replaced by Nick Jonas in the 2021 season.

However, Gwen’s recent appearance has surprised some of her fans, with many claiming that they didn’t recognize her.

Gwen Stefani’s New Look

Following her most recent television appearance, the singer and fashion designer has become a hot topic on social media.

On September 9, Gwen appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss her return to the newest season of The Voice US as a coach.

The singer, who has long been a fashion icon, wore her gorgeous blonde hair and a purple mesh bodycon.

Many viewers, however, claimed that Gwen looked different, with a number of her lifelong fans claiming in the interview’s comment section that she looked ‘unrecognizable.’

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Fans are shocked as Gwen Stefani, 52, appears ‘unrecognizable’ in a new interview

Gwen Stefani has sparked an online debate after appearing to debut a slightly different look than usual in a recent TV interview.

Making an appearance on Late Night The 52-year-old discussed her role on The Voice with Seth Meyers, but it was her “unrecognizable” appearance that piqued viewers’ interest, especially after Stefani posted a short clip of the interview on her Instagram page. She appears to have deleted the post since then.

The actress wore a black fringed cut-out pantsuit with a cobalt blue fishnet bolero.

The media’s obsession with female celebrities’ looks as they age, which Stefani is no stranger to, was sparked by criticism of her appearance.

In fact, the singer has previously felt victimized by ageism, receiving a barrage of abuse from people who claimed she was “too old” for certain performances. One performance in particular, NBC’s New Year’s Eve Special in 2020, drew comparisons to Ariana Grande because she wore a high ponytail and sparkly boots.

The star has spoken out about ageism in the entertainment industry, telling HELLO Magazine in 2021 that returning to music after a hiatus worried her: “I felt like I had to justify why I wanted to make new music at the start of this process. I was afraid that people would judge me and say, ‘Well, you’re like super old.’ ‘Why would you want to?'”

She continued, saying: “This is how my mind works. Anyone would, you understand? Everyone has their own set of fears and insecurities.”

Stefani, who married The Voice co-star Blake Shelton last year, doesn’t appear to have let her insecurities get the best of her.

She also told the New York Times that aging is something that everyone experiences: “It’s natural to consider your evolution… It’s all around you in nature. We are simply born to die. You can think of it as a tragedy… However, you are discovering what is true and important.”

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