Gay Premier League Players: Teammates Are ‘Open’ About Being In A Gay Relationship!

Gay Premier League Players
Gay Premier League Players

Gay Premier League Players: Two Premier League teammates are publicly gay and in a gay relationship. Within the confines of the club, word of their relationship is common knowledge, but The Sun believes that the couple is hesitant to make any sort of public declaration.

Teammates Are ‘Open’ About Being In A Gay Relationship!

Earlier this year, the two football greats met up. They didn’t feel the need to keep it a secret from their teammates, and why should they?” the source explained.

“The manager and the club’s upper management were fully behind them, and nobody gave a damn. Although they are not ashamed of who they are, they have decided against coming out publicly at this time.

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They preferred to give all of their attention to football while it was in season. Although making a statement would be appreciated, doing so may distract them from their play on the field. Their teammates have also been instructed to remain silent for the sake of confidentiality.

There is probably one gay player in every Premier League team, says  Watford's Troy Deeney

The Sun broke the story earlier this year that a former England international and Premier League star is in talks to create a documentary about his possible future as the first openly gay player in English football.

Josh Cavallo, star of Adelaide United, came out as homosexual last year, making history as the first active male Australian footballer to do so. Jake Daniels, a 17-year-old Blackpool footballer, courageously came out as gay to his teammates in May.

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Qatari World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman caused a stir this week when he referred to homosexuality as “an injury in the head” in an interview. Gary Lineker, a 61-year-old star for England, has stated that he is familiar with “one or two” gay Premier League players who are very close to coming out.

The Sun has learned that another Premier League footballer is considering coming out as gay on a program that is currently in development. “This might be a huge breakthrough for gay gamers,” the person said. Everyone in the football community has been discussing it.

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