Erin Napier Illness: Is She Suffering From Any Disease?

Erin Napier Illness
Erin Napier Illness

“Home Town” first aired on HGTV on January 24, 2016. It features Ben and Erin Napier, a married couple from Laurel, Mississippi, who are experts in restoring Southern homes. The fifth season, with 16 episodes, began on January 3, 2021. A spin-off called “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop” premiered on Discovery+ on January 4, 2021. Another show called “Home Town Takeover” started on May 2, 2021. If you want to know more about Erin Napier’s illness, please keep reading below.

Erin Napier Illness

Erin Napier’s perforated appendix took doctors ten years to diagnose, despite her experiencing symptoms since 2004. The couple wrote about this challenging journey in their book “Make Something Good Today.” Erin initially had occasional fevers and abdominal pain, which worsened over time.

Here is the post shared by Erin Napier:

In 2018, Erin and her husband published a memoir sharing their health struggles, and during the same year, she spoke with the media about the traumatic experience.

“It was a really sad, scary, and confusing ten years,” Erin said. Erin recalled that her health issues started when she was 19 years old. According to the patient, “in the beginning, it would be 24 hours of terrible stomach pain and a low-grade fever, and then it would disappear.”

Due to their uncertainty about the diagnosis, they advised her to consult another surgeon. In the second surgery, doctors finally identified the root cause of the highly unusual condition: a perforated appendix. This organ had been repeatedly bursting and then healing on its own over the years. The first time this happened, when I was 19, it resulted in a partial rupture.

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In 2023, What Illness Does Erin Napier Have?

As of September 2023, Erin Napier was reportedly in good health. She had been dealing with symptoms from a perforated appendix since 2004. Additionally, Erin recently underwent throat surgery and shared a photo on Instagram with her family friend Rodney, who works in the hospital cafeteria. They were both in bed together.

Erin Napier Illness

Erin expressed her gratitude, saying, “I’m spending the night in the hospital after a throat procedure, and I feel so well cared for by an old friend.” The HGTV host, who is a mother to daughters Helen (4) and Mae (12 months) with her husband and co-star Ben, shared a heartfelt tribute to Rodney, highlighting their special bond.

Erin has faced health challenges in the past, including chronic abdominal pain that doctors later attributed to her appendix repeatedly bursting and healing, leading to scar tissue formation around her internal organs. Fortunately, a successful second surgery removed the appendix. Despite her concerns about the damage, Erin and Ben have two children.

Erin Napier Suffers Panic Attacks

Erin Napier, the 36-year-old HGTV star, recently shared her mental health journey on Instagram. She talked about her decade-long battle with an unknown illness that turned out to be a perforated appendix. She posted pictures from 2014 when she was in the hospital and included excerpts from her book, “Make Something Good Today,” which she co-wrote with her husband Ben Napier.

Even though her appendix was removed eight years ago, Erin revealed that she still struggles with deep-seated fears and anxieties related to sickness, especially nausea. Her brain triggers a “fight or flight” response, even when there’s no immediate danger, leading to panic attacks and overwhelming thoughts. Erin shared that she felt relief after connecting these dots, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. She hoped that opening up about her health struggles would inspire and help others who might be going through similar challenges.

Erin Napier Throat Surgery

In May 2022, Erin Napier shared on social media that she had been hospitalized for surgery. She posted a selfie with Rodney and wrote on Instagram, “I’m spending the night in the hospital after a throat procedure and feeling so well cared for by an old friend.”

Anticipating a bowl of chicken noodle soup, Erin instead received a visit from a cherished old friend. She mentioned that this hospital worker was a long-time family acquaintance. However, she didn’t delve into the details of her throat issues in that post. It wasn’t until January 2023 that she provided more information about her health.

If you’re a fan of HGTV’s “Home Town,” you might be familiar with Erin’s occasional glimpses into behind-the-scenes moments in Laurel, Mississippi. She finally opened up about her hospital stay on Twitter, revealing that she had appeared in multiple episodes.

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In preparation for these upcoming episodes, Erin tweeted, “I was hospitalized with an abscessed tonsil during this filming block, so you’ll notice my voice sounds different, and I’ll look a bit puffy due to IV steroids.” Unfortunately, Erin had to continue working on the show despite dealing with this health issue. The dedicated designer pressed on.  This is all the information we have right now about Erin Napier’s Illness. If new information comes out, we will update this page. For now, please check out our website The Current Online.

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