Dr. David Jeremiah Illness: Does He Struggle With Lymphoma?

Dr. David Jeremiah Illness
Dr. David Jeremiah Illness

Dr. David Jeremiah, a well-known evangelical Christian author and speaker, is well-known for his inspirational teachings and ministry through Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries. Concerns concerning his well-being surfaced after a collapse at a conference cruise in the Caribbean in January 2023, despite his large following and broad notoriety.

This article dives into Dr. Jeremiah’s medical history, including details of his fights with cancer and a recent injury, as well as his road to rehabilitation and healing.

Dr. David Jeremiah Illness

Dr. David Jeremiah faced a major health issue in 1994 when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a malignancy of the lymphatic system. This diagnosis was made at Rochester, Minnesota’s famed Mayo Clinic.

He then traveled to a local hospital in La Jolla, California, for treatment, where he met oncologist Dr. Alan Saven, who became his primary medical physician. Dr. Saven and Dr. Charles Mason, the physician in charge of Dr. Jeremiah’s stem cell transplant, were important in his recuperation and healing.

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Dr. Jeremiah expressed gratitude to his medical team and praised their competence in helping him overcome this life-threatening condition as he reflected on his struggle with cancer.

He had stem cell therapy in 1999, which resulted in his successful survival and total recovery. Dr. Jeremiah wrote the book “When Your World Falls Apart” to share his narrative and offer help to others who are going through difficult times.

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Dr. Jeremiah’s Current Health Status:

There is no current information available about Dr. David Jeremiah’s current health state at the time of writing. It is hoped that he has recovered well and is back in excellent health.

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Dr. David Jeremiah Early Life

David Jeremiah, born February 13, 1941, is a well-known American evangelical Christian author. He is also the founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries and the senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church, a Southern Baptist megachurch in El Cajon, California, a San Diego suburb.

He has developed a significant global presence through his media ministries, affecting lives through radio, television, and writing, with a genuine commitment to promoting the Christian word. Jeremiah’s megachurch leadership and perceptive writings establish him as a significant figure in modern evangelicalism, helping people on their spiritual journeys and forging a stronger connection to faith.

Dr. David Jeremiah Wife

Donna Jeremiah is the wife of acclaimed Christian author and pastor David Jeremiah. She is also a published novelist, having penned books such as ‘Intrigue in Coronado’ and ‘Storm Over Coronado’. Donna is Turning Point Ministries’ Executive Vice President.

She and David have four children and twelve grandkids and have been married since 1963. Michael Jeremiah, their eldest son, is a voice anchor and the president of Turning Point’s radio and television ministry. The program is carried on over 2000 radio stations around the world and has around 480 million listeners. It also appears on various TV stations, including History, A&E, and the Cowboy Channel.

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