Derrick Jaxn And Da’naia Jackson Have Announced Their Divorce

Derrick Jaxn, a relationship expert, has announced his divorce from Da’naia.

According to gossip, the news broke on Saturday, December 10, less than one month after Da’naia warned the Internet to stay out of their relationship.

Media Celebrity Tasha K published a photograph of Jaxn in Miami during Art Basel Week with an unidentified woman, prompting Jaxn to announce his divorce.

Jaxn stated in a lengthy Instagram post that the decision to divorce was made after attempts to save their marriage through marriage counselling were unsuccessful.

“Earlier this year, after much prayer, counselling, and consideration, we chose to separate and filed for divorce,” Derrick said in the caption. “

I’m Thankful For The Years We’ve Spent Together, From Falling in Love As Teenagers To Becoming Spouses And Now Co-Parents, And I Wouldn’t Trade Them For Anything.””I Will Be Forever Thankful For Everything She’s Done For Our Family Because I Was Blessed To Have Such A Remarkable Person In My Life.”

Prior to their divorce, they had been married for four years.

In 2021, the couple encountered a scandal that shook their home. Candice De Medeiros, Jaxn’s mistress, stated that she had slept with Jaxn on multiple occasions, adding that she had been in his home with his wife and children.

Da’naia then talked about the scandal. She said she had forgiven him, but she also said she had left when she found out about the mistress.

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