David Dobrik Friends: Who Is In YouTuber’s Vlog Squad?

David Dobrik Friends
David Dobrik Friends

You’ve probably heard of the Vlog Squad, whether you watch YouTube occasionally or spend hours watching your favorite YouTubers share crazy stories and videos about their lives. Since 2015, when David Dobrik and his friends started posting movies, they have been at the top.

They keep the world entertained on his YouTube channel, which has almost 17.9 million followers, with crazy experiments, drama, and even a few touching moments here and there. Some of the Vlog Squad’s members have been friends since their days on Vine, while others have come and gone as jobs and relationships have changed.

You might not be the only one if you still don’t know everyone in the Vlog Squad. Since dozens of people appear in David’s movies, it can be hard to figure out who his real friends are. Well, we’ve got you covered, so get ready to meet the Vlog Squad and learn how they got started in the world of YouTube.

Here are all the people in the Vlog Squad who are David Dobrik’s best friends…

Liza Koshy

Liza, the most famous member of the Vlog Squad, started on Vine before moving to YouTube. She dated David for several years until 2018, when they broke up. They are still close friends, and Liza still shows up in videos occasionally. However, she is also working on several other projects, such as her Liza on Demand show for YouTube Premium.

Josh Peck

Josh Peck moved to YouTube in 2017 and has been in several videos with David Dobrik. He is best known for his part as Josh on Drake & Josh. He also has a podcast called “Curious with Josh Peck,” where he talks to friends, experts, and artists.

Natalie Noel

Natalie Noel

Even though Natalie works for David, she and David have been friends since high school in Illinois. She is a big part of the Vlog team and is known as the group’s mom. She first joined the group to get college credit but stayed after graduation because she loved the job.

Jason Nash

Before he joined the Vlog Squad, comedian Jason Nash did stand-up in Los Angeles. When he met David, he joined his blog and started his channel. He used to have a second page with videos of his family, but his ex-wife asked him to shut it down. He used to date Trisha Paytas, also in the Vlog Squad. When they broke up in early 2019, it was said to be a big fight, and she left the group.

Zane Hijazi

Zane first got noticed because of his Vine videos with his best friend, Heath Hussar. After he moved to Los Angeles, he and David became good friends, and they’ve been hanging out ever since. In addition to being on the Vlog Squad, he has his own YouTube account, where he features his family and a podcast with Heath called Zane and Heath: Unfiltered.

Hussar Heath

Heath and Zane go together like peanut butter and jelly. He moved to Los Angeles with him, and they joined the Vlog Squad soon after. In addition to being in David’s videos and on his podcast with Zane, he has his own YouTube channel where he talks about his relationship with dancer Mariah Amato.

Corrina Kopf

Corinna got her start on Instagram, where she has since gained millions of fans. She has been a member of the Vlog Squad since David’s first videos, and she still shows up in videos. She has a YouTube channel where she sometimes makes videos and does live streams on Twitch.

Scotty Sir

Scotty was on Vine, but he switched to YouTube and now has an extensive fan base thanks to his vlogs and songs. His second record, What’s Going On, just came out, and he is currently dating Kristen McAtee.

Toddy Smith

Before he went to YouTube, Toddy was famous on Vine, where he made videos with Scotty Sire. Back in 2018, he dated Corinna Kompf, which is now a running joke among the Vlog Squad. He is dating Olivia O’Brien right now and often posts on his channel.

Matt King

Matt King is known for his Instagram page, where 1 million people follow him. He is often in the Vlog Squad videos. He was well-known on Vine before it shut down, but now he uses other apps. Matt has an account on both YouTube and Twitter but doesn’t use them often.

Carly Incorrupt

Carly used to be a big deal on Vine, but then she went to YouTube and started a channel with her best friend, Erin Gilfoy. On this channel, they post vlogs and other fun videos together. She also has an account on YouTube but doesn’t post as often there.

Erin Gilfoy

Erin made the big move to YouTube with her best friend, Carly. Together, they started their channel. Since then, they’ve added 1.17 million new members. Erin has her own YouTube account but only posts once every few months.

Kristen McAtee

Kristen is best known for starring in Vines with her boyfriend, Scotty Sire, and Toddy Smith. Since then, she has started her YouTube account and Instagram page, each with over 910k fans. In 2015, she got a degree in product marketing from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

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