Dani Alves “Brazilian Footballer” Arrested In Barcelona For Sexual Assault Allegation

Dani Alves arrested

A Spanish judge sent Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves to jail on Friday because he is being investigated for sexual assault. A judge sent Alves to jail, according to a statement from the Catalonia Higher Court of Justice Press Office.

“Investigating Magistrate Number 15 of Barcelona Received Today, As A Detainee, The Football Player Dani Alves, Accused By A Woman Of An Alleged Sexual Assault, In Events That Allegedly Happened In A Barcelona Discotheque This Past Month Of December,” according to the statement.

“The Magistrate Has Ruled Provisional Jail Without Bail for the Ongoing Case of a Crime of Sexual Assault,” the statement said. However, the judge stated that Alves could communicate with others while incarcerated.

The woman who filed the complaint against Alves and a witness both spoke in front of the magistrate on Friday, the court’s press office said. These were separate, private meetings with the judge that weren’t connected to Alves’ arraignment.

The woman’s lawyer has brought a private case against Alves, which is allowed by Spanish law. This is in addition to the case brought by the state prosecutor, according to the Court Press Office.

The woman’s lawyer, Alves’ defence lawyer, the state prosecutor, and the magistrate all heard the woman and Alves’ separate testimonies on Friday, the Press Office said.

But, according to the court’s press office, the judge did not make public what the woman said in her testimony.

The same investigating judge said last week that he was looking into the allegations against Alves. At the time, the press office said that an investigation was already under way.

The Catalan Regional Police picked up Alves, who is 39, earlier on Friday, the Police Press Office told CNN. According to the Police Press Office, he spoke with officers at a police station in Barcelona before being driven in a police car to the courthouse across town.

He remained in police custody and was arrested before a magistrate hours later.

Alves sent a video of himself to a Spanish reporter, which the reporter played on a Spanish TV show called “y Ahora Sonsoles” two weeks ago. In the video, Alves said he didn’t agree with the accusations against him. Reuters has also reported that Alves denies any wrongdoing.

Alves is one of the most decorated football players of his generation. He has won national titles in Spain, Italy, and France. With Barcelona, he also won three Champions Leagues.

Pumas (Unam) Terminate The Contract

The Mexican team club Universidad Nacional (Unam) announced on Friday that Alves’ contract would be terminated immediately.

“The Club Universidad Nacional has decided to end the player Daniel Alves’ contract with just cause as of today,” Club President Leopoldo Silva said at a press conference.

Silva said, “With this decision, the Club reaffirms its commitment to not allow any member of our institution, no matter who they are, to do anything that goes against the spirit and values of the university.”

Silva said, “We can’t let one person’s actions hurt our work philosophy, which has been a model for training and developing young athletes in our country throughout history.”

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