Britney Spears Claims She Is ‘alive And Well’ Following A Reported Police Wellness Check Asked By Fans

Britney Spears Says She’s ‘Alive and Well’ After Police Wellness Check

In a series of new tweets Saturday night, Britney Spears talked about the police check that was said to have happened earlier this week and explained why she recently quit Instagram (Jan. 28).

“Yeah, that’s me. “I’m alive and well,” she tweeted with a video that looks like it was shot at a gym. “But I’m not sure about these health juices.” “There are so many!”

She put a caption on the video of herself that said, “This is me at the gym living my best life.”

“I shut down my Instagram because too many people said that when I danced, I looked like an idiot and that I was crazy.” I did my best, but it bothered me to see people talk about it freely on TV. “Yes, it made me feel bad,” Spears replied in a second tweet.

In another answer, she said, “I’m sensitive, and to be honest, I’d rather take a break and do my ice cream diet anyway.” “I know I thought it was funny too… But it isn’t… It’s Good… But Not Surprising Enough!

Spears said, “I’m shocked as hell that when I deleted my Instagram account, people got worried and called the police on me… It was really out of line… “I love my fans, but those who did that aren’t real fans, and I honestly thought it was a way to make me look bad!”

“I mean, damn, c’mon… Yesterday, three girls came up to me at a restaurant and were so drunk and loud that they sat right next to me and got right in my face. made me think of my wedding… She wrote, “I was traumatised.”

She said in another comment, “This time I told him to get the f— away from me… Yes, Britney Spears! I Awoke And Speaks For Myself…How can you believe it? I couldn’t either, to be honest. So, please know again that I’m doing the best I can.

“I’m alive, well, and healthy, and I’m ready to start a new day.” “To my true fans, God bless you!!!” Spears was done.

On Thursday, Spears talked about the police incident. She said, “I love and adore my fans, but this time things went a little too far, and my privacy was invaded.”

Click on the full Twitter conversation thread below to see her most recent tweet.

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