Did Bethenny Frankel Get Plastic Surgery? Bethenny Frankel Before, After Photoshop Photos

bethenny frankel before and after
bethenny frankel before and after

Anyone who has watched the Real Housewives of New York since it started on Bravo knows that Bethenny Frankel is one of the most loved/hated, funny, and controversial cast members. She is one of the most successful Bravo celebrities because Bethenny Frankel is funny and knows how to run a business.

Fans and viewers were able to follow Frankel’s life as she got married, had a baby, got a messy divorce, and went through everything else, thanks to spin-off shows, a return to the show, and then a long-overdue departure.


Anyone who can see can see that her face looks very different from the one we’ve been seeing on TV.

And while there’s nothing wrong with getting plastic surgery to fix a defect or improve your own body image, did Frankel become just like every other housewife by going under the knife for her looks?

Just look at pictures of how things were and how they are now.


It’s not unusual for women, especially those who are on TV, to have a variety of procedures done. After all, they want to grow old in a good way, right? Most people choose Juvaderm or Botox, which are non-surgical treatments that tighten the skin and make you look “younger.”

Real Housewives cast members from almost every season have said they work, including Kyle Richards from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Margaret Josephs from Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Tamra Judge from Real Housewives of Orange County, to name a few. It’s just how these women live now.

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