Is Camila Cabello Dating Austin Kevitch? Camila Cabello Appears To Confirm Austin Kevitch Dating Rumors By Kissing

austin kevitch dating
austin kevitch dating

Camila Cabello has been quietly dating the handsome CEO of Lox Club, Austin Kevitch, for a few months now, and a source tells HollywoodLife Exclusively that they are already totally committed to each other. The 25-year-old pop star met the 31-year-old founder of a dating app “a while ago” through Nicholas Galitzine, her good friend and co-star in Cinderella.

However, they didn’t start dating until recently. “They’ve only been going out together for a few months. “She’s very happy about him,” says a person in the know.

After two years of dating, Camila and Shawn Mendes, who is 24, broke up in November 2021. Before that, she dated Austin Mahone, who was 26 at the time, and Louis Tomlinson, who was 30. But this is the first time she’s dated someone who wasn’t in the entertainment business, and it’s turning out to be a big plus! “She loves that he’s in tech instead of show business; it’s a first for her and she’s enjoying it,” says one of our sources.

Camila and Austin first made people think they were dating when they were seen holding hands on a walk in Los Angeles. Then, on August 7, they were seen kissing sweetly during a lunch date in Los Angeles, and a source says they are already engaged.

“Camila is the kind of person who goes all in when she likes someone, so she’s not seeing anyone else and neither is he. They’re totally into each other.” “Camila’s friends are happy for her. She’s such a sweetheart that she deserves a great guy, and so far, Austin seems to be meeting all of her needs.”

In an interview with Bustle earlier this year, the Philadelphia-born artist said that being single helps him do his job. “I definitely want a girlfriend, but being single also helps me run Lox Club because I know all the problems that single people face and I know exactly what I would want in an app,” he told the outlet. “I think I won’t be as aware of all the annoying things about dating once I’m living “happily ever after” with someone and running off into the sunset.

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