Without A Will, Anne Heche Passed Away: Son Seeks To Manage Estate

anne Heche

A few weeks after the actress was killed in an unexpected vehicle accident, Homer Heche Laffoon, 20, and his brother Atlas, 13, filed documents to establish their formal heirship to her inheritance.

The older son of Anne Heche has requested ownership of her estate.

Given that his mother, Heche, did not make a will before she passed away at the age of 53 earlier this month, Homer Laffoon, 20, filed documentation requesting that he be granted custody of Heche’s assets.

Both Homer and Heche’s other son, Atlas Tupper, 13, are listed as legal heirs to Heche’s estate in the paperwork that PEOPLE received.

The papers claim that Homer Heche Laffoon and Atlas Heche Tupper are the two (2) intestate heirs of the estate. “Homer Heche Laffoon, the prospective Administrator, is an adult. Minor Atlas Heche Tupper.”

They add, “A Petition for Appointment of Guardian ad Litem for the Minor is filed concurrently with this petition, which specifically demands that the guardian ad litem be granted the ability to waive bond on behalf of the minor.

On August 5, Heche was engaged in a catastrophic car accident that put her in a coma for a week. She was kept on life support so that she could donate her organs, but on August 12 the state of California ruled her legally dead. The actress’s representative informed PEOPLE on August 14 that she had been taken off of life support.

Heche’s burial location will be in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, according to her death certificate, which PEOPLE was able to get.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Homer, whose father is Coley Laffoon, discussed Heche’s last resting place (first published by TMZ.) “We at Hollywood Forever would like to express our gratitude to Tyler, Noelle, and all of the wonderful staff members for their kindness, empathy, and generosity. We are certain that our mother will adore the location we have chosen for her because it is lovely and peaceful and she would be surrounded by other celebrities.”

“Most importantly, Hollywood Forever is a real site where people go to see movies, concerts, and other events continued Homer. She was our mother, but the generosity and support we’ve received in recent days have made us realize that she also belongs to her followers, the entertainment industry, and now, the ages.”


How did Anne Heche fare?

The Wag the Dog actor died on August 5 after colliding into a Mar Vista home and starting both fires, according to a report from the coroner’s office. She also suffered thermal injuries. The report also mentioned that Heche fractured his sternum as a result of the collision’s hard impact.

Are Ellen and Anne Heche still friends?

The actresses gave a statement to the Daily News in which they stated, “Unfortunately, we have decided to stop our relationship.” “We respectfully part ways, and we treasure the three and a half years that we have spent together. We sincerely hope that everyone will uphold our privacy during this trying period.

Which actress perished in a vehicle accident?

LA (Associated Press) – The Emmy-winning actor Anne Heche, whose successful profession contrasted with personal chapters of upheaval during the 1990s Hollywood surge, passed away from injuries sustained in a catastrophic car accident.

Has Ellen DeGeneres ever had a child?

DeGeneres, 63, and Portia de Rossi don’t have any kids together. Just recently, the couple, who have been wed since August 16, 2008, celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. The talk show host claimed in a 2014 People magazine article that she and Portia would be wonderful parents but it wasn’t for them.

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