Twitch Streamer Amouranth Divorce From Her Husband Nick Lee After She Alleges Domestic Abuse During Stream

amouranth divorce
amouranth divorce

Kaitlyn Siragusa, who is better known online as Amouranth, recently made a surprise appearance for an unplanned stream in which she and a friend went out for a night on the town. Many people were worried about her safety and health after hearing her husband insult her during her most recent live broadcast. However, she has put their minds at ease by telling them she is safe today.

Amouranth showed up on Tuesday night for a surprise stream, and she seemed to be in a good mood. Many people were surprised by this after seeing her crying after her husband Nick Lee yelled at her a few nights ago.

Her husband’s verbal abuse of them was shown live to tens of thousands of people, who heard him say he would spend all of her money and even kill their dogs. Nick Lee, Amouranth’s husband, had asked her to livestream for 24 hours, but she didn’t want to do it.

During the same livestream, Amouranth said that her husband makes all the decisions. He controls all of her bank accounts, which is why she has kept her marriage a secret for so long.

Amouranth said, “I wanted to do livestreams with him instead of always fighting with him, but he didn’t want to say that he was my husband because that would be bad for business.”

Later, she showed her husband Nick Lee’s text messages, in which he threatened to spend all of her money, delete all of her social media accounts, and send her dogs to a slaughterhouse.

People all over the world heard about the stream, and many of them worried about Amouranth’s health and safety. Alinity, a close friend and fellow Twitch streamer, was so worried about Kaitlyn that she called the police to check on her health.

She Divorced Her Husband

Everyone was surprised when Amouranth returned to Twitch for a Livestream after a well-deserved girls’ night out, and she appeared to be in a good mood as she sang along to her favorite songs on the Uber ride home.

When worried fans asked Amouranth where she lived, he said she was safe and in a good place, and he even hinted that she was planning to leave him and get a divorce.

“I’m safe,” said Amouranth. “The man-child has left, and he won’t be back. He’s getting help.”

Nick Lee, who will soon be Amouranth’s ex-husband, seems to be trying hard to make up with her, but many people think it is too little, too late. At the very least, it’s clear that their relationship is bad and that her husband is violent and sneaky.

Nick Lee might take his name off of Amouranth’s assets and give up control over and access to her bank accounts and social media to show that he is willing to change. But getting a lawyer and filing for divorce would probably be a better choice.

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