According To Texts, Alex Jones Spied On His Wife And Ex-wife

alex jones wife
alex jones wife

Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and host of the InfoWars show, kept an eye on both his current wife and his ex-wife by using spies and undercover informers, texts from unnamed sources to the Rolling Stone show.

Lawyers who were working for Jones sent the pile of texts to a lawyer who was working for Sandy Hook parents who had sued Jones for slander. Even though the texts were never made public, sources familiar with the situation told Rolling Stone that they show some of the ways Jones kept an eye on his ex-wife Kelly Jones and his current wife Erika Wulff-Jones.

Jones’s lawyers, Andino Reynal and Norman Pattis, who was accused of leaking the text messages, did not respond right away to requests for comment from Insider. NBC said that Pattis refused to answer questions about how he handled confidential records at a disciplinary hearing, citing his rights under the Fifth Amendment. says that Reynal said that the day the leak happened was “probably the worst day of my legal career.”

One source told Rolling Stone that Jones hired former US defense contractor Blackwater mercenary, Tim Enlow, to find out where his wife was. Jones hired Enlow to be her security guard, and the report says that she would send him screenshots of where she was using a GPS tracking app that got information from her car. The report says that these changes happened as recently as 2020.

Before, Mark Bankston, the lawyer for the Sandy Hook family who got the texts, said Jones had sent a naked photo of his wife to Roger Stone, who used to work for Donald Trump. Erika Wulff-Jones, his wife, told Insider before that she “didn’t know” and was “upset” that the photos were sent.

In an email to Insider, Bankston said he had nothing to say about the reports. Last year, on Christmas Eve, Wulff-Jones was arrested for domestic violence. The InfoWars host told the Associated Press that this was because of a “medication imbalance.”

Three people told the newspaper that Jones also knew what his ex-wife was doing while they were fighting over custody. One of the sources said that the number of people watching her was like a “spy ring.”

Kelly Jones told Rolling Stone: “I have nothing to do with it.” “Alex is obsessed with me and has been following me for years. He has done everything he can to get into my life and take away my freedom. I wasn’t surprised to find out that he was doing this.”

Insider asked Erika Wulff-Jones and Kelly Jones for their thoughts, but they didn’t answer right away.

After the texts and other data Jones had previously said didn’t exist were shown to exist, Jones’ ex-wife told Insider she wanted to subpoena the data to prove what she says Jones has said about her over the years: “nefarious, truly conspiratorial things.”

She said, “It’s not even about my kids; it’s about being in charge.” “Taking charge of me.” When Insider asked Alex Jones’s representatives for a comment, they did not respond right away.

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