Who Is Aisha Jumwa Husband? Why Aisha Jumwa’s Divorce From Her First Husband!?

aisha jumwa husband
aisha jumwa husband

Aisha Jumwa, the Kenyan politician, is not happy with how many people judge her. She gave a revealing interview on NTV where she discussed her divorce from her first husband after he was found to be in possession of drugs.

Aisha Jumwa, a lawmaker who has caused a lot of trouble, has strongly denied that she left her fisherman ex-husband because she got a good job.

During an interview on NTV, Jumwa said that it was so sad that most Kenyans often make wrong assumptions about people.

The Malindi MP said that the main reason she and her ex-husband, who was a fisherman, broke up was that he didn’t like her decision to go into politics.

“Most people are so wrong to think this way. Aisha Jumwa said, “I don’t understand, I didn’t have a job and he did, but the main reason I left him is that after I got into politics, he told me that he couldn’t stay with a woman who is into politics. He gave me the choice between him and my career, and you know what I chose.

The fiery Malindi MP said again that she still doesn’t have a husband and that no man can tell her what to do.

Aisha Jumwa also talked about rumors that vice president William Ruto gave her a fancy mansion to get her to support his bid for president.

She set the record straight about the situation by saying that the second-in-command did not give her the mansion in question.

The loud Malindi MP, on the other hand, made it clear that she owns several high-end mansions, some of which she built herself and some of which she bought with her own money.

“Why would Ruto buy me a house when we’ve been together for about four years?” I have a few nice houses that I didn’t get because I supported ODM or William Ruto. “I bought the ones I have with the money I earned myself, and I’m still paying back loans for some of them,” Jumwa said.

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