Aaron Rodgers New Tattoo Photo And Meaning Behind His New Tattoo

aaron rodgers tattoo
aaron rodgers tattoo

Since he showed off the new tattoo on his left arm, the internet has been full of guesses. But now, you don’t have to guess anymore, because the man himself has told us “Why?”

Most of the time, what the Packers quarterback does with his right arm makes the news. This time, though, it was what he did with his left arm that got people talking.

Aaron Rodgers Talks About The Meaning Behind His New Tattoo.

Aaron Rodgers showed off his new “ink,” a strange tattoo on his left forearm, almost a month ago. The reigning MVP did post a picture of the mysterious design on social media, along with a message saying that he would explain how it came to be “one day.” Here we are, after all the online arguments and rumors. Now that the star of Green Bay has kept his word and decided to talk, we can all sleep a little better.

In a recent interview, Rodgers was directly asked what his new tattoo meant, and the Packers star didn’t hesitate to respond. Rodgers said, “If you don’t study astrology, there will be some strange things to look at in there.” “Aquarius is on the right, Sagittarius is in the middle, and Scorpio is on the far left. Rodgers said, “I’ve always said that if I get a tattoo, I want it to be a picture of my Godson.”

“Now, I’m very lucky to have two Godsons. One of them is an Aquarius and the other is a Sagittarius, so I wanted to get a tattoo that represented them.” At that point, Rodgers admitted that he had only talked about two of the three signs. He said, “In my own birth chart, Scorpio is the sign with which I most identify.” “The rest is partly about elements and partly about other things.”

Aaron Rodgers Got A Tattoo From Balazs Bercsenyi, But Who Is He?

Rodgers also said who the person was who made the mark. In fact, that honor went to Balazs Bercsenyi, a well-known tattoo artist from Hungary. The star quarterback said that he met Bercsenyi and got a tattoo from him because they were meant to be together.

“I like the musician. Rodgers said, “I’d known him for a while, and it was just God’s will.” “I spent some time in Europe between two trips. He lives in Hungary, and it all worked out for that thing to be put on my arm.

I took it very seriously since that would be there forever. He’s a real master, and I’m glad to have worked with Balazs and gotten that tattoo on my arm. So, both the Packers and Rodgers will be hoping that his other arm gets just as much attention and for the right reasons this coming season.

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