Finding the Perfect SEO Freelancer: 3 Tips for Your Business

If you want to improve your website’s search engine rankings and generate more organic traffic, hiring a freelance SEO expert can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time position. SEO is a fairly large industry that includes many different services. It can be confusing when searching for the best SEO company to help you meet your online marketing needs.

However, finding the right freelancer for your specific SEO needs can be difficult. Having someone who can hold their own and drive results would be best. Most SEO service providers optimize their websites for Google because people mostly use Google these days. 

86.71%. According to Statcounter, this is Google’s global desktop market share as of April 2023. Therefore, SEO helps search engines understand the content on our website. So the next time someone searches for our products or services, our website can also be shown to them in the search results.  In this article, I will share valuable information on hiring the best SEO freelancer for your business. We’ll cover essential tips for evaluating freelancers, where to find them, and what to look for in their work and references.

You owe it to yourself and your company to exercise due diligence when screening candidates for any position, especially as lengthy and complex as SEO. Hiring the right SEO freelancer is an important investment for your business’s online success.

However, it may not be successful if you do not take the necessary precautions before agreeing with the freelancer.

 Remember to be clear with your expectations and be patient with the process. With the right freelancer on your side, your search engine rankings and organic traffic on your website will skyrocket.


Once you’ve identified promising candidates, ask them to provide examples of their work and related results. Pay special attention to projects related to your industry or field, demonstrating your ability to handle similar projects. The most important step when hiring an SEO freelancer is to verify the results and verified credentials. While many freelancers can present websites and rankings as evidence of their work, it’s essential to dig deeper and ensure they produce results. That’s the exact result. You can check out their work in several ways:

  • If they claim to have improved rankings for specific keywords, you can verify this by looking at the SERPs or using a tool like Ahrefs.  
  • Conduct simple SEO audits on websites they have worked on. Check out basic on-page SEO practices, site speed, and mobile optimization.
  • If they are already running link-building campaigns, you can use tools like Ahrefs or Moz to check the backlinks they claim to have built.
  • If possible, ask to see analytics data. This will show you real traffic data and rankings.

However, numbers and indicators alone are not enough. To get a full picture of a freelancer’s capabilities, contact the website owner or business they have helped. Talking to these references will allow you to understand better the freelancer’s communication skills, work ethic, and ability to deliver results.

 Remember, if the freelancer is legitimate and confident in their work, they won’t have a problem with you confirming their results. Be wary of any freelancer who hesitates to provide references or tries to control who you can talk to, as these can be warning signs. Conversely, be wary of overly confident guarantees because no one can guarantee the number 1 position overnight.


You can search for free job boards like Marketing School’s Free Job Board to help you find potential SEO freelancers. Finding reputable SEO freelancers requires exploring many different avenues to ensure you’re connecting with qualified professionals.

Posting your job requests on these platforms will expand your reach and increase your chances of connecting with freelancers who fit your needs. Upwork, one of the world’s largest freelancing platforms, is a great starting point for finding freelance talent in various industries, including SEO. Upwork’s advantage is its in-depth review system, including feedback from previous customers, overall ratings, and professional success scores.

Mayple is an independent website for various freelance marketers, including search engine optimization experts and specialist agencies. By featuring only the best talent, they have achieved a rating of 4.6 stars for their service. All freelancers are selected based on proven results.

LinkedIn can be a great place to find reputable SEO freelancers. Searching for SEO experts in the search bar can find people who have listed SEO among their skills. You can see their expertise, recommendations, and network. A comprehensive LinkedIn profile can be a sign of a reputable professional.

Finding the right freelancer involves research, networking, and evaluating candidates. Don’t rush the process, as hiring the right people can significantly impact your SEO efforts’ success.

Not only traffic

During the hiring process, ask how the freelancer’s past efforts have impacted the business results of the companies they’ve worked with. What SEO strategies have they devised and implemented? When evaluating the performance of an SEO freelancer, it is essential to focus on revenue generated rather than relying solely on traffic figures. Increasing traffic is undoubtedly beneficial, but it may not add significant value to your business if it doesn’t result in more conversions and sales.

A qualified SEO professional will be able to demonstrate how their strategy has positively impacted revenue and return on investment (ROI).  For example, ask about increased leads, conversion rates, create pay stubs, or overall revenue growth achieved through their strategy. An SEO expert who understands the importance of ROI and revenue generation will be a valuable asset to your business.

It’s common for companies, especially small- and medium-sized businesses, to expect immediate results from their SEO freelancers. However, this mindset can lead to disappointment and impede progress.

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