Americans Are Feeling More Joyful About The Economy As Gas Prices Drop

Americans Are Feeling More Joyful About The Economy As Gas Prices Drop
Americans Are Feeling More Joyful About The Economy As Gas Prices Drop

Drivers are finally experiencing some respite after a summer in which petrol costs were as sweltering as the heat.

At the Murphy USA on Pat Booker Road in Universal City on Tuesday, gas filling cost $2.89.

Frances Gaines remarked, “This right here gives you the impression that your money is going somewhere.”

In the last week, prices fell by 12 cents, continuing a three-month decline from historic and unaffordable highs.

Michael McCall commented, “When it was past $4.50, it terrified me for a while.” I felt anxious about what I would do.

The average cost of a gallon in San Antonio reached $4.67 in mid-June. Tuesday’s average was $3.11, which means that compared to early summer, filling up the typical tank now costs almost $25 less.

Industry analysts claim that concerns that an economic downturn will reduce oil consumption are the main reason why prices have plummeted.

What is therefore coming up next?

According to Patrick De Haan, chief analyst for, “I do think there is a little more room to go lower in the days ahead, especially if there is additional news that shows the economy is weakening.”

This month, refineries will transition to less expensive winter blends, which could help down costs.

Drivers continue to spend around 42 cents more per gallon than they did a year ago. However, according to De Haan, exorbitant pricing is most likely in the past unless there is a hurricane or other significant disruption.

For the time being, he predicted that this fall will likely bring longer-than-usual periods when gas prices remained below $3 per gallon.

Sarah Meyer, who claims to fill her tank five times per week, finds it to be good news.

So, roughly $200 or more, she explained. So that’s about a quarter of my salary, I guess.

She said that since inflation is still having an impact, she wouldn’t mind a little extra respite at the pump.


What do people think of the price of gas?

At least 7 out of 10 consumers report that gas costs have an impact on how they feel about the economy, and this number grows as gas prices rise. Consumers have a GOOD opinion of convenience stores; 63% of consumers feel that these establishments share their beliefs.

Why do Americans whine about gas prices?

Meanwhile, after two years of travel limitations brought on by the epidemic, Americans have been compelled to hit the roads by a robust job market, growing earnings, and pent-up demand: In the week ending June 3, the amount of gasoline pumped into American vehicles and trucks reached 9.2 million barrels per day.

Do gas prices have an impact on the economy?

Average cost per gallon of standard unleaded fuel. Almost every significant sector of the economy is affected by these increasing energy prices. They raise the price of commodities like electricity, transportation, shipping, logistics, air travel, agriculture, and fertilizer.

What advantages do rising gas prices offer?

People will drive less as a result of high petrol prices and high oil prices. They will buy locally, combine their errands to save time, and so on. They will also spend less on goods made from oil, whose costs grow as oil prices rise.


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