Why Vince McMahon is Sued Over XFL?

Vince McMahon XFL
Vince McMahon XFL

After the recent WWE controversies, Vince McMahon is once again in the news as he’s sued over XFL. But this time he’s not along. As per PWInsider, along with him, these are some prominent figures sued over by by David Adrian Smith for sharing XFL trade secret:

  • Dani Garcia ESPN
  • Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
  • Dick Ebersol
  • WWE Chief Financial Officer Frank Riddick
  • Riddick’s wife Carol and many others

What Does This Latest Lawsuit Alleges?

The lawsuit claims that all defendants knew of, used, and/or exposed “disclosed private trade secret information” in developing the current and future iterations of the XFL.

Vince Mcmahon Lawsuit Allegation Details Emerge

Smith claims that on May 10, 2016, he sent an email to Carol Riddick in which he “disclosed confidential trade secret information,” including “market analysis, opportunity analysis, strategic analysis, and other business information regarding a concept for a minor league or developmental league spring football league.”

After Smith and Carol exchanged emails, Smith is alleged to have written, “Please feel free to share with Mr. Riddick but ya’ll keep it under your hats till we have a chance to decide how to proceed or that it has not validity.”


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He goes on to say that he and Carol Riddick had had a series of email exchanges in which she “asked many rounds of questions.” Smith claims to have supplied explanations and “further examination of the potential, including further trade secret material.” According to Smith, communication ceased when he received “input on what Defendant #1 [WWE] learnt from their previous failed effort” from neither Frank Riddick nor Vince McMahon.

Adrian Smith believes Riddick’s disclosed the information and trade secrets.

The lawsuit further claims that Dick Ebersol and his son Charlie were informed of the information thanks to Vince McMahon. A year after Smith and Carol Riddick were exchanging emails, he thinks it was shared with ESPN and used in the making of the ESPN 30 For 30 documentary ‘This Was The XFL.’


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Smith claims that WWE Board members (McMahon and Riddick) were engaged in the sale of the XFL’s rights and trademarks to McMahon’s Alpha Entertainment in part because they knew Smith’s “trade secrets,” and that Ebersol founded the AAF in part because he knew Smith’s trade secrets.

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